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A true all day fitness tracker that tracks exactly what YOU want.

  • The world's first fitness tracker to auto track any exercise that involves hand motion.
  • Auto-identifies exercises, counts sets, reps
  • Provides real-time heart rate, calories burnt per set.
  • Provides relevant metrics such as power, velocity, force, explosive strength, work output.
  • Actofit band makes tracking exercises as easy as tracking steps
  • In-depth analysis of your historic logs to see what's working Vs. what's not
  • Still tracks basic parameters such as steps, distance, continuous heart rate, calories, and sleep


Fitness trackers are not new to this generation, Infact, fitness trackers have become a popular way to stay motivated and monitor your activity. Actofit is a step beyond. It not only allows you to monitor your activities but also evaluates them! Actofit uses technology to identify, track and evaluate any gym exercise involving arm movement. It also counts reps, evaluates form, measures heart rate, calories burnt etc. Every exercise has a specific motion signature. Actofit analyses that pattern to identify your exercise automatically. Whether it’s a bench press, pullover, dead lift, push up or a hammer curl you can track and analyze them all. 


Using machine learning algorithms, Actofit tracks your motion in 3D to identify your exercise, count your reps, evaluate your form, measure heart rate and calories burned, all automatically without any user disturbance. Whether you’re a gym fanatic or just looking for a way to track and analyse information from your regular sessions with an add on of daily activity tracking, Actofit is what you need.


 When you exercise, your motion is tracked and compared to your exercise database, allowing Actofit to successfully detect your activity and count the number of reps. Force, Power, Velocity is evaluated on every set and you can see the numbers on your mobile apps along with your exercise log.



Actofit tracks activities to a precise level while allowing versatility. This has never been done before. This allows for the users to compare and evaluate where they are versus where they want to be, what’s working vs. what's not working and make informed data driven decisions.


Track heart rate continuously on your wrist to maximize workouts, better track calorie burn and get a clearer picture of your health. 



  • Wrist size ranging from 145mm to 195mm
  • OLED display -0.91" 128*32
  • Wireless syncing with mobile devices via bluetooth 4.0 BLE (2.4 GHz)
  • 9-axis motion Sensors Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer
  • Continuous and real time heart rate using Optical heart rate sensors
  • Rechargeable Lithiom-ion polymer, 3.7 V 150m Ah battery
  • Magnetic proprietary USB charging cable
  • Capacitive touch navigation
  • Patent pending motion tracking technology




 We not only auto identify exercises, count reps, but also derive relevant parameters for each exercise, each rep to help you train more effectively. Built by tech and fitness enthusiasts. Actofit is born out of mere need and a real market gap with the belief that 10k steps is an inaccurate metric to track fitness since not all exercises involve steps providing actofit the competitive advantage. Actofit starts where most of the market leader wearables stop. Innovative, versatile and comprehensive.