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Super Band

Get a fitness tracker that monitors your health. With Actofit Super Band: track heart rate and calories, stay on top of your business and micromanage your life right on your wrist. Do it all with an edge over others.

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1 year warranty

Get your order in 4-5 days 

1 year warranty


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super Features

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 5 cm

Black, Blue, Pink, Purple

105 reviews for Super Band

  1. Kumar Pranjal (verified owner)

    Nice band. Easily connects with the app and tracks the activities accurate. Only the BPM reading is a little hard to do because it keeps on reading it for a long time but sometimes doesn’t gives the result but overall it’s s good fitness band.

  2. Pratik Saraogi


  3. Saumil Baxi

    After comparing and filtering all functions, I determined that this Band was the best fitness band. One of its features, IP68, is ideal for my everyday work. I’m a housewife, and my job entails washing and cleaning in the water. And I discovered this Band to be water-resistant, which means it is sweat and splash-proof. Thanks, Actofit!

  4. Premal Chauksi

    A device at this price was unbeatable. This is the dream band for me.

  5. Rajeev Sharma

    Fitness bands are all the rage these days. Everyone wants to lose weight, but there is a lot of pressure to measure physical activity. I always wanted the best for myself and Super Band is the one.

  6. Laila Moledina

    Super Band has the best lightweight design that is comfortable to wear, as well as the best other features.

  7. Simona Dcosta

    I’ve seen a significant change in my health thanks to the organized workouts and auto sleep monitoring features.

  8. Vijay Mishra

    I have seen a big change in my health with guided training and auto sleep monitoring features in this Super Band

  9. Hetal Patel

    Overall, I found that wearing and using Super Band is easy.

  10. Anonymous

    All messages & calls are easy to connect to a smartphone. It has a longer life of battery.

  11. Sufyan Lakdawala

    It’s a joy to have such a fantastic watch with guided exercises and the ability to chart the whole day’s activities. Thank you so much, Actofit.

  12. Rajiv Saxena

    I am a diabetic and was searching for something that would allow me to monitor my calories as well as my heart rate. This technology has aided in the improvement of my fitness.

  13. Rohit Hangal

    Overweight has been a problem for the last ten years. However, after receiving a Superband as a present from my children, I am now able to carefully examine my health perspectives. This is due to Superband, who assisted me with diet incorporation and tracking my daily routines.

  14. Inej Nathani

    When you are concerned for your welfare, you will need guided assistance at all times. The Actofit App has a Chatbot that answers all of my fitness-related questions.

  15. Mini Mathur

    It’s a pleasure to have such a wonderful watch with supervised workouts and the potential to monitor the whole day’s activities. Actofit, thank you very much.

  16. Ritesh Gupta

    This technology has helped me boost my health. I was on insulin due to diabetes and was looking for something that would help me monitor my calories and heart rate. Following the steps has made me feel fitter and happier.

  17. Abhishek Agarwal

    I was overweight, which had been a problem for the previous 20 years. However, thanks to my family’s gift of a Superband, I am now able to closely explore my health viewpoints. This is thanks to Superband, who helped me with diet implementation and monitoring my everyday routines.

  18. Vikash Mehra

    When you are worried about your own well-being, you will need supervised help at all times. The problem was solved when I discovered Superband, which has a Chatbox that addresses all of my fitness-related questions.

  19. Kirit Jagad

    We are focused people throughout the course of our everyday jobs, and a reminder is important in keeping track of your text messages and phone calls. Long battery life often saves me time from the hassles of charging on a regular basis. What Actofit has built is fantastic. Superband is ideal!

  20. Parin Daruwalla

    During this pandemic crisis, I’ve been searching for an all-purpose watch, and my quest has led me to the Super Band. It provided me with all of the features I needed in my everyday life, from organized workouts to notifications, and from sleep tracking to heart rate monitoring. Thank you to the creators for such an inventive idea.

  21. Gurpal Sodhi

    It has excellent Bluetooth integration, a good heart rate sensor, and long battery life. Thank you, Actofit!

  22. Saurabh Sheth

    I received the package one day before the scheduled shipping date. As of now, the product is satisfactory and has a quality feel to it. I can see all of the health statistics.

  23. Shaunak Kokate

    I’d developed a habit of sitting for hours during this pandemic lockdown. My sister gave me this health watch, which serves as a reminder to me if I sit in one place for an extended period of time or am inactive. It is an ideal product for this time frame.

  24. Jyoti M Rathod

    Excellent band. Connects quickly to the smartphone and accurately records events. Just the BPM reading is a little difficult to do since it reads it for a long time but then doesn’t provide the answer, but ultimately it’s a decent workout band.

  25. Milind Chael

    It was really simple to connect to the app. This Actofit Band is AMAZING! I was trying to get in shape and wanted some inspiration, so I decided to treat myself to a new Superband.

  26. Umang Jagad

    I’m very proud and impressed to own this Superband!
    The battery life is excellent! It lasts for days and only needs a quick charge to give it a reasonable amount of battery life.

  27. Pihu Ghosh

    Actofit’s Superband is a fantastic product with a variety of functions.
    The battery life is fantastic! It has a long battery life and only needs a short charge to maintain a decent amount of battery life.

  28. Akshay Bhatia

    Sleep is the most important thing in my life, but my work schedule has changed as a result of the work from home model. However, Superband has assisted in resolving this problem by providing auto sleep monitoring, which monitors my sleep cycles and provides me with insights into them.

  29. Bhavya Gandhi

    A watch that comes with a free app that provides comprehensive health info. An excellent partner for motivating me by updates and even notifying me about text messages and phone calls on my mobile.

  30. Zoya Merchant

    I have a habit of keeping track of my habits by monitoring my everyday moves, lengths, and calories. Superband has taken care of all of my needs. It has helped me with my sleep habits, giving me ideas into how to properly relax.

  31. Arjun Khuranna

    I needed a comprehensive view of my health data, as well as monitoring of my everyday activities. Superband, you assisted me in meeting all of my fitness objectives. It also aided in the sync of all data to its free App. In addition, I can connect my smartphone to Superband offline via Bluetooth.

  32. Ajay Vakil

    I wanted technological aid to help me meet my everyday fitness targets. Actofit, superband, was recommended to me by a neighbour. Through its free App, I received a comprehensive view of my health details as well as monitoring of my everyday activities.

  33. Sanjana Makhija

    In this pandemic, waking up and doing exercises on your own is exhausting. However, Superband fixes my problems with organized exercises in the app and even sends me motivational updates when I meet my goals and complete challenges with my family or friends.

  34. Mahalaxmi Chandra

    A small amount of improvement each day adds up to huge success. I’m a fitness freak who wants to watch my everyday success, so I purchased the Superband, which records my entire day’s activities. Also, I don’t mind having to charge my band on a regular basis because it has a long battery life, which makes my life easier.

  35. Krishna Altekar

    In this pandemic, I want to remain optimistic and fit. Superband has a fantastic function in which they give me positive notes when I reach my goals. In addition, by syncing the band with their App, I can access all of their videos related to guided workouts.

  36. Sushant Awasthi

    As a former heart patient, I need to monitor my health more regularly. I considered Superband to be the most effective at monitoring the same, as it monitors my heart rate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even, in these days of lockdown, I can boost my fitness level with this band and see my progress on a regular basis.

  37. Rahul Pandey

    Thank you very much, Actofit, for your fantastic fitness tracker. From now on, this will be my fitness buddy. Superb design and all features that are needed in my everyday training routines.

  38. Ruchika Thatte

    My daily goal is 12000 steps, and with this band, I can simply measure my progress. The streamlined design allows me to wear it at any time, and it is also light in weight.

  39. Jivatram Kriplani

    I really like this watch. It is so so helpful and I am able to do everything all for an amazing price! I use it all day throughout the day and it is so helpful to me. I definitely recommend getting this watch it is such a good thing to buy and it is 100% worth the money!

  40. Rozina Hudda

    For some reason, my band stopped working after 2 days’ of its delivery. Customer support ran a few tests, determined that it was not operating due to a technical fault, and another was dispatched within hours. There were no hiccups, a pleasant salesperson, and no complaints.

  41. Ravi Dubey

    The greatest customer service I’ve encountered in a long time!
    My Superband refused to record my sleeping habits. I emailed the support staff, who collaborated with me to try various possibilities to make it work. They made my day by resolving the problem in a single day.

  42. siddharth Tripathi

    Stay fit in just one touch. Satisfied with this product.

  43. Mahesh P.

    I would like to say that this watch is very good as its so light weight, it not only tells me the time but also tells me about my health status.

  44. Dinesh Sawant

    It also calculates the number of calories burn, so you will fully updated and aware of yourself. Best for all people. Stay fit!

  45. Akash Dey

    Its a good fitness tracker with good battery life. Its very suitable for my hand.It is easily connected with phone.

  46. Farhan Kazi

    Stylish as well as health monitor!

  47. Ganesh Bhoir

    Its vibration is effective, Daily activities, calling alert, heart rate monitor stopwatch, is also effective. So totally we can say it is worth buying.

  48. Chaitanya Anand

    Excellent device, highly recommended!

  49. Darpan Khatri

    This is value for money product, when compared with other bands it comes with great features and good battery life.Surely will recommend to others.

  50. Ravi Theja

    It works perfect and app is also user friendly. Loved it!

  51. Praveen Kumar

    3.Value for money
    4.Easily connects with bluetooth
    5.Perfect health monitoring.

  52. Karan Prajapati

    I always see review while purchasing, and I ordered Actofit Super Band and it works amazing and looks super cool.
    Happy customer!

  53. Ekansh Agarwal

    Very classy and elegant looking band with all features.

  54. Ishaan laghrai

    This band perfectly sync with mobile. Heart Rate Monitor, Photo Remote Control, Activity Reminders, IP68 Waterproof, Sleep Monitor works perfectly. Used for around month and satisfied.

  55. Jairaj Acharya

    I recommend to buy. Great value for money, still working since 2019

  56. Sanket Gokhle

    After 2 month of usage and trying all the fitness band under 2.5k price, I can firmly conclude that its the best fitness band under this segment.

  57. Umang Patel

    Functionality with Quality, awesome product.

  58. Doctor Reddy

    What I liked is its Display, features what it stated it works actually, battery life is amazing, App UI is really good, its smooth, Syncs fast and stats are nicely shown.

  59. Vanita Jindal

    Comfortable to wear and looks good, connection to phone is really nice and displays notifications as soon as they come on phone.

  60. Manjunath M

    Band looks Premium, I am using it from 20-22 days
    -Display is super
    -its water resistant
    -battery life is good
    -call alerts
    -24/7 heart sensing
    -heart rate monitor
    -sleep monitor
    -smooth rubber and skin friendly
    -activity reminders

  61. Yash Chawla

    Met my Expectations! Happy customer.
    Thanks Actofit!

  62. Punit Salvi

    Good product, frequent updates.

  63. Vedant Rao

    Thankyou Actofit for nice product.
    1.Product received in Good condition
    2.Easy to use
    3.Pairing between Band and phone is fast and simple.
    4.Heart beat measuring is accurate & good.
    5.Sleep measuring pattern is accurate
    6.Alerting for idleness is also accurate
    7.functions works correctly

  64. Utkarsh Apte

    An amazingly feature packed gadget, value for money!

  65. Vipul Yadav

    Super Band has the best lightweight design that is comfortable to wear, as well as the best other features.

  66. Ujjawal ashish

    Of all trackers I have tried, it’s the most reliable, intuitive to use And it’s the most accurate to measure the steps, and heart rate. The touchscreen display is bright and clear and very smooth to use. A must but product and value for money.

  67. neeraj choudhary

    very comfortable to use and also easy to operate… Best product in this section. Fully satisfied by the product.

  68. Suraj Dubey

    It’s a joy to have such a fantastic watch with guided exercises and the ability to chart the whole day’s activities. Thank you so much, Actofit.

  69. Anonymous

    Actofit’s Superband is a fantastic product with a variety of functions.
    The battery life is fantastic! It has a long battery life and only needs a short charge to maintain a decent amount of battery life.

  70. Ankita

    Good product.

  71. Kumar Pranjal (verified owner)

    I bought it six months ago and I used it regularly but one day when I tried to pull the band off and place the band into charging the charging point broke…….Actofit even after paying this amount of money we don’t expect such built quality….. Please provide me a compensation for that

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Improve with time with its cardio fitness level and revamp your fitness game.