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Badminton Tracker

Actofit racquet sensor is a powerful wireless intelligent badminton tracker. Your very own coach and smart tracker to track your game giving you personalized feedback tailored to your playing style.

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1 year warranty

Get your order in 4-5 days 

1 year warranty


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Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 18.50 × 8.20 × 4.20 cm

Black, Blue, Red


Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 18.50 × 8.20 × 4.20 cm
Color Black, Blue, Red
Material Sleek design made of durable ABS material
Button Manual On/Off button
Bluetooth BT 4.0 provides the most stable connection with the low power consumption
Safety Standards CE and RoHS complaint
Battery Life Upto 10 hrs continuous use + 30 day standby
Memory Capacity 8 Mb delivers 100,000 swing /6 hrs play

23 reviews for Badminton Tracker

  1. T. Paul

    Action has improved post this.

  2. N. Thrideep

    Light and comfortable.

  3. Dipro Ghosh

    Great? Even better.

  4. Jiya Lalwani

    This is a blessing for anyone who plays badminton.

  5. Divya G.

    Value for money.

  6. Sanaa R.

    Graphs have helped me leaps and bounds.


    Easy to use.

  8. Devesh Verma

    Mistakes are easy to see on the graphs.

  9. Dia Pan

    I smash like a pro now.

  10. S. Verma

    Analyses storkes?! I wanted this so bad.

  11. Ajay R.

    I wasn’t expecting this good a performance.

  12. Rameshwari

    I don’t even feel it on my raquet.

  13. Snigdha Mishra

    Bought this for my daughters. Both have shown remarkable progress.

  14. B. Kapoor

    #1 Badminton tracker in India.

  15. A. Ahmed

    Affordable and yet doesn’t compromise on quality.

  16. Biba C. B.

    Extremely satisfied.

  17. Zain S.

    Best part? How light it is.

  18. Arohi B. Gill

    Both device and apps are working great.

  19. Aditi Agarwal

    I’d advice any player to get this.

  20. Kaushik A.

    I wish all sports had such great trackers.

  21. Gayathri C.

    I won’t play without this ever again.

  22. Pratap Singh

    This is the best thing that can happen to a pro player. Smooth, light and extremely efficient. I love to see my stroke analysed, a graph always always makes tracking easy. So win win. Game has improved exponentially since I bought this, so if you’re playing badminton, and you’re doing it all then please please go ahead and buy this tracker. This will do wonders.

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Get personalized insights on your sleep pattern and get better rest. Garnering you that extra fuel, to be energized and ready to take on tomorrow.


  • Track the speed and power of your shots in real – time.
  • Know the swing and Degree of Rotation to learn more about your playing style.
  • The Actofit Badminton Tracker also helps you replay your shots in 3D Motion to know your racket paths.




View the real time stroke via 3D animation ad get the display of the racket swung in different speeds

View the real time stroke via 3D animation ad get the display of the racket swung in different speeds

Advanced Motion-Tracking Hardware

Advanced Gyroscope and Accelerometer technology is used to capture the movements of your racket. Data is transmitted through the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology to your mobile phone.

What is Tracked?

Essential data such as speed, force, radian, calories burnt are recorded. 6 badminton movements like “Smash”, “Lift”, “Clear”, “Block’, “Slice”, “Drive” are collected for style analytics. Data is provided in an easy to read format with the sole purpose of improving your game.


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