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Edge HR

Get a fitness tracker that monitors your health. With Actofit Edge HR: track heart rate and calories, stay on top of your business and micromanage your life right on your wrist. Do it all with an edge over others.

Get your order in 4-5 days

1 year warranty

Get your order in 4-5 days 

1 year warranty


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74 reviews for Edge HR

  1. R. Patil

    Love using this.

  2. Vartika Verma

    I like it.

  3. Ruhani G.

    Managing calls & notifications is easy.


    Cooler than what I imagined.

  5. Nisha Kumari

    Style & function both winners.

  6. Sharad H.

    Doing good so far.

  7. Meenakshi Balakrishnan

    Can I get some more of this awesomeness?!

  8. Vrina Kasana

    Exercising is easy.

  9. Henna B.

    Everyone should have one of this.

  10. Samina Kasan


  11. Shantunu S.

    Easy to work with.

  12. Parth Manan


  13. Alan Knowles

    Made my life easy.

  14. Priyanka Dalmia

    Performance+ Style=100

  15. Ayushi Mishra

    Damn good.

  16. Yogita Paul

    What a great product.

  17. Shubhankar Kumar

    HR monitor is accurate.

  18. Yamini Sood

    Really impressive.

  19. Keya Sen

    Actofit devices always make the cut.

  20. Sheena Biswas

    Never better.

  21. Anusha S

    Amazed and Impressed.

  22. Meghna Manan

    Brilliant. No waste of money.

  23. Smitha Dutta

    Usage is fairly easy. So is charging.

  24. Laila Khanum

    Not a chance to complain.

  25. Ena Shah

    Better than what I expected.

  26. Nikasha Thomas

    Love the colour & the working.

  27. Tinka H.

    Is a nice gift to buy.

  28. Sashrika S.

    Easy wearing. Easy funtioning. Easy charging.

  29. P. Mallick

    Totally worth the price.

  30. Ruby Khatoon

    Works good.

  31. Tanaz Kabeer

    Low price, high function.

  32. Nirmal Trideb

    Cheap but top class.

  33. I. George

    I have a heart issue. Need to monitor always. This has worked for me.

  34. Kahvi Bhardwaj

    Counts everything.

  35. Rubal Punam

    Too good.

  36. Sruthy P.

    Looks so good.

  37. Pritika C.

    Organisation made simple

  38. Saumya V.

    Device is awesome.

  39. Niharika Pathak

    Better than all other brands I have used.

  40. Shivang Mehra

    Goodness! What a product.

  41. Priyanka Dalmia

    Accurate info.

  42. Abhinav Aggarwal

    Like wearing this a lot.

  43. Joseph Joyce

    Comfortable to wear.

  44. Laveena Nirwani

    I wear it and forget it’s there.

  45. Myra Tyagi

    Would rate it 10 on 5 if possible.

  46. Unnati Pant

    Have been using this. Nice.

  47. Avni Ahlawat

    Going strong for two years now.

  48. Komal A

    Thank goodness I have this, works fluidly.

  49. Anwesha Punia

    Love the auto sleep track.

  50. Rudra KG

    Just go for it.

  51. Kriti Rana

    Freaking love this.

  52. Ataf A.


  53. Taani S.

    Awesome stuff here.

  54. Poonam D.

    Convenient usage.

  55. Vrinda Gupta

    Battery backup’s great.

  56. Susan Varghese

    Jogging in style with the band.

  57. O. Negi

    Distance tracking helps.

  58. Bela Krishnan

    I can take calls & msgs on my wrist. SUPERPOWER!

  59. Rit Basu

    Just amazing.

  60. Sourabh Ajit

    Is a pleasure using this.

  61. Arvind Gada

    Probably the best tracker out there.

  62. Pallavi A.

    The brand stands on its claims.

  63. Lila H.

    I like it.

  64. Kanan K.

    Light and comfy.

  65. Simon Nigel

    Good stuff in here.

  66. Anaisha Khan

    Value for money.

  67. B. Singh

    Fuss free service.

  68. Zoraa A.

    A must buy for sure.

  69. Megha Dey

    Replacable straps.

  70. Sanam K.

    HR monitor is perfect.

  71. Snehal Gill

    Yes, this is the best.

  72. Kavita R.

    HR monitor and calls are the best.

  73. Saleha B

    I am very satisfied with the product. Does what it’s supposed to do. The product is stylish, light weight and has good heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, step counting ability. All features work great. Battery life lasts for 1 week.

    Will surely recommend this to my friends and family members. Great product ❤️

  74. Padmanabha


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Improve with time with its cardio fitness level and revamp your fitness game.