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Smartscale Pro Max

The Smartest health monitor designed to measure 24 body composition metrics to provide a holistic health profile not only for you but for your entire family, right from the comfort of your home.

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18 Months warranty

Get your order in 4-5 days 

18 Months warranty


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Eight Electrodes

  • Majority of the Scales use only 4 electrodes at the foot
  • With 4 additional sensors connected to the fingers, achieves greater accuracy
8 electrodes smartscale

Digital Health Reports

  • Share PDF with your client/trainer
  • Print directly fom App using a Wifi Printer
Digital health reports

Superior Technology

  • Customised for Indian body standards
  • By using the patented dual frequency BIA, reduces error margins in its results
dual frequency bia

Comprehensive Body Indicators

  • Provides segmental analysis
  • Breaks up all 4 limbs and trunk into specific body fat and muscle mass for each part.

Smartscale Pro Features

Weight 2.52 kg
Dimensions 34 × 41.5 × 5.4 cm

White, Black

132 reviews for Smartscale Pro Max

  1. Anita Sinha

    Better than I Expected
    Very impressed with this scale. It was very easy to get it set up. In the App it is easy to set up and pair. I like the app gives you ton of information like fat free weight, muscle mass, BMI, body part muscle mass, protein, body water and lot more. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  2. Tarun Mandhani

    It gives you an indepth number of body composition
    I found this scale very accurate, gives exact measurement. You can tie it to your Smartscale App and it will let you know what’s happening in your body like protein, fats, muscle mass, etc. Its pretty neat!

  3. Abhishek Bhattacharya

    Loved this scale!
    I am impressed with the scale. Came well packed. This is just clever machine. Did not know about such innovations that are able to measure everything in your body in some seconds. Very easy to use and Accuracy is amazing!

  4. Shardul Patel

    Pretty Neat! Easy to set up and use
    Very nice looking scale. Was very simple to set up and use. Just download the application and stand on the scale, it takes couple of seconds to show all the information that too very Accurate!

  5. Chetna Mandal

    This provides so much features with great accuracy and so much information of our body. It is extremely reasonably priced for what it provides.
    Recommended for everyone!

  6. Manish Singh

    Product arrived quickly (thankyou, Actofit) scale looks sleek and modern, the weight and BMI it registers for me correlates exactly with my Doctor’s scale. It has perfect Accuracy!

  7. Manish Singh

    Product arrived quickly (thankyou, Actofit) scale looks sleek and modern, the weight and BMI, BMR it registers for me correlates exactly with my Doctor’s scale. It has perfect Accuracy!

  8. Ketan Shirshat

    So far, so Great!
    I really wanted budget friendly and featured loaded smartscale that syncs to my phone. Setup only took 3-4 minutes.
    I love it! I’d definitely recommend this one if you’re looking for one!

  9. Vishal Yadav

    All the measurements are accurate, I have been using since 26 days now and writing the review now, it is perfect for everyone, there is instruction so everyone can use it.

  10. Karan Thakur

    The scale to me is always been a scary thing. But in this App everything is segregated and very informative. As far as accuracy it is what I expected. I would recommend this scale.

  11. Harsh Lotia

    If you are looking for an good price range smartscale, THIS IS THE ONE!! I love the fact that you can track your weight, %body fat,etc and set goals in the app. The app gives you pretty scientific information with proper accuracy.

  12. Amit Salunkhe

    I love this scale
    It has been some time since I have had a new scale. I love the digital format and sleek design. I love that it connects to the app on the phone and keeps track of the readings. I love that app readings are Accurate and measure several different readings.

  13. Rohit Jaiswal

    Very Accurate!
    I am elated that this scale is so accurate! Other scales report a different weight even if I step on it immediately afterward. This scale is spot on! It’s so helpful that it measures other components of my body as well.

  14. Julie Gada

    User friendly scale
    I purchased this scale a week ago and I love it. It looks really cool and modern and it is super easy to use. I downloaded the recommended App and withing seconds I had all the readings in front of me. I even checked the numbers with other sources to make sure the readings and it was correct and everything was spot on.

  15. Kishor Bane

    I love all the details it gives. Tracks changes nicely.A great purchase. Works great!

  16. Kishor Bane

    I love all the details it gives. Tracks changes nicely. Works great!

  17. Zayed Ansari

    Easy to setup and monitor progress
    Purchased this to replace an old normal digital scale. It arrived quickly. the set up was easy. Just downloaded the app and connect. It tracks all the health metrics, just as described and it is accurate as it stated. Would recommend.

  18. Lokesh Kumar

    Great buy for your money!
    The scale works as advertised and I figured out how to set it up by the instructions. yes it is accurate when you step on the scale. The App is great and reads all advertised metrics.
    This scale is an amazing value.

  19. Viraj Sheth

    Get one. Very Accurate.
    I love how this connects to an app on my phone and tracks everything. As well as some of the other functions like water, health score, bone mass, muscle mass, body fat and more. Its light weight and works great. Highly recommended.

  20. Nilesh Jadhav

    This scale has absolute accuracy and easy to set up, post to the app which connects to Google fit and its scale App too. It seems durable too!

  21. Smita Singh

    Motivating Scale and App!
    I love it, very motivating for weight loss. Accuracy is helpful. I love the App!

  22. Bhavesh Mohite

    Great Scale
    I love this scale. It’s easy, accurate and reliable. It measures everything needed for health measures.

  23. Divyansh Bam

    Accurate, easy to to setup and great price range. Great value!
    I just purchased this scale, it is durable, its pretty cool visually, well made, features and measurements are accurate and the set up with the app is breeze. I am very satisfied customer so far.

  24. Satyam Bohra

    The product itself is very informative. This scale tells me so much of information and when it comes to accuracy it is accurate and its cool.

  25. Deepak Rajguru

    Easy setup and syncing
    Loved the product. Packaging was good, nothing was damaged. Extremely easy set up and syncing through bluetooth.
    Super convenient! I also love all of the information that it provides. It’s extra motivation to workout everyday. 🙂

  26. Poonam Pinto

    You’ll fall in love with this scale.
    This scale has become my new best friend. Love all the features and the app that tracks progress. Because it is accurate I bought a second one for our weekend home so I didn’t have to carry back and forth.

  27. Mamta Jain

    Amazing scale!
    Received scale. Set up with the app. Very easy set up. Checked Accuracy by comparing and I must say it is right on. I am very impressed and happy with my purchase.

  28. Omkar Patwardhan

    This scale is the first scale I have used that measures exactly in the doctor’s clinic. I mostly just look at weight, water, BMI, body fat and the muscle mass. However, the scale gives your other measurements as well with perfect Accuracy, it also tracks progress. Overall, great scale!

  29. Pravin Tarde

    You will love this scale. If you are on a journey to become fit and lose weight, I highly recommend it. It does more than just weight and you can keep a track on your phone. It provides great accuracy.

  30. Manika Sawant

    Loved this product. Soo easy to use, so Accurate, came quickly, such high quality. I love it. I will order same for my niece. Such a great way to stay healthy!

  31. Sachin Ambre

    Works exactly as expected!
    This scale is accurate, easy to read and use & I didn’t have any trouble syncing it to the phone app. Plus, it came with very premium packaging.
    Thanks Actofit!

  32. Manav Pandit

    I like the size of scale, functionality and features of this scale. The price is affordable for all the features you get with it. I use it daily, its very Accurate.

  33. Urmila Khadka

    Great Scale for Accuracy!
    Really easy to use and it is accurate because I compared with other brands scale and this scale gives me accurate and consistent result.

  34. Anay Dixit

    Easy and Efficient
    I like how this scale and app just tracks everything in a very accurate manner. I love it!

  35. Daksh Bit

    This is Amazing. It is more helpful to me and gives more useful information.

  36. Gauransh Sanekar

    Great scale and easy to use app!
    We’ve had this scale for a couple of weeks and really like it so far. Great interface and captures all key metrics with great accuracy. I will order another one for my family.

  37. Jayesh Habade

    So easy to use and connect to app. Really cool data shown! It helped me to set goals for myself and I love its accurately tracking the progress.

  38. Manan Trivedi

    Technology is so amazing. This scale works so good it makes you want to keep loosing weight!

  39. Nimit Mahajan

    Easy to setup
    I bought this for my daughter. She said it was easy to pair to her phone. It is easy to read and helps her keep track of her weight loss progress.

  40. Pranay Atwal

    Like it
    Great scale with high accuracy and works perfect with the app.

  41. Ritvik Bhatia

    I love this scale. I’ve only had it for few days, but it is perfect for the price. Accuracy is great & the app is easy to use, syncs with the app in some seconds and the app is super easy as well.

  42. Samarth Bhatnagar

    So much Information is Recorded!!
    Love this scale so much. I follow a keto life style and love this scale records not only my weight but body fat, skeletal muscle and so much more with perfect accuracy!

  43. Tanvik Chander

    Easy to use and Accurate
    This scale is very easy to use. It has helped me track my weight and stay on target.

  44. Vihaan Batra

    The tracking features-
    So far this product is great! Love all the things it helps tracks everything accurately.

  45. Aarav Bedi

    With Actofit scale, everything operates perfectly. The App is user friendly and visually appealing, easy to track your data accurately and no bluetooth transfer problems.

  46. Shivaansh Gupta

    The one thing I do love about this scale is that it’s Accuracy & all your measurements (weight, bodyfat, muscle mass, etc) right there on scale as you’re looking at it. Also the screen is large and bright, very visually appealing.

  47. Sai Joshi

    Order it, don’t hesitate!
    I don’t write many reviews but this scale impressed me with its accurate measurements!

  48. Abdul Mohammad

    I had other brand scale for some time and eventually had an error. This Actofit scale was beyond easy to set up, its fast and syncs perfectly with the app.It is consistently accurate!

  49. Vishwesh Iyer

    Does exactly what I wanted very well and for a great price!This scale has bluetooth that make it quick and easy to track my progress each time.

  50. Arjun Kumar

    Very cool scale that syncs to app!
    Nice scale! It seems accurate and it’s great that it syncs easily to the app!
    You will get all the data once you download the app.

  51. Reyansh Jha

    Great – Like the App
    Received the scale in 2 days, works perfect. There is an app that pairs with it via bluetooth and that works well.When it comes to Accuracy I liked it.

  52. Krishna Naidu

    By first impression of the weighing scale is like just another piece of tempered glass but then I installed the app and it took a whole new turn in terms of technological advancement.
    1.The app looks realtime and syncs fast.
    2.The app gives you option to create profiles.
    3.It gives lot of information rather than just your weight which is your BMI, Body water, Body fat, Muscle mass, etc. I thank myself for buying such advanced product.

  53. Samar Khanna

    Nice and good looking Smartscale.
    I bought this scale 6-7 months back and am pretty happy with this scale, everything works fine and accuracy is maintained. Satisfied with the product.

  54. Devansh Pillai

    This will tell you more then you ever wanted to know about your fat body. A great value for all the data it provides. The app is easy to use. I underwent a comprehensive body scan at my doctors and the numbers synced up. I have recommended this scale to many people.

  55. Dhruv Patel

    I purchased this scale to pair with my phone and keep track of weight and other fitness data. The product arrived and I immediately recognized the quality of packaging. Packaging was robust and protected the glass face of the scale. It will complement the decor of any room.

  56. Yash Mehta

    Accurate Scale!
    The scale is great. I didn’t want to spend a significant amount of money on a new scale so this was a great option. The best part about the scale is that it comes with a great app. Here are my thoughts on the scale:
    -Value for money
    -Very Accurate.
    -Great and easy to use app
    -Very modern/good looking scale.

  57. Tejas Reddy

    Hands down…this is the best scale I’ve ever own…It’s tech savy…it will show your body fat%, BMI, water wight, bone,muscle mass.App helps in all way.

  58. Advay Shah

    I love this scale. I was blown away at the accuracy for the price. The scale is extremely easy to use, very stylish, easy to see numbers.

  59. Shaurya Bakshi

    Excellent scale for anyone looking to track multiple points of data.
    If you’re someone looking to track significant changes in your health via an app, you will absolutely love Actofit scale.

  60. Gautam Varma

    Very easy to use, great App, killer price
    Syncs with Google fit, the Smartscale App. Nice scale with tons of features and only cost a few bucks more than dumb scales that only give your weight.

  61. Rohan Acharya

    Awesome scale! Awesome Price!
    I started weight training about months ago and use this scale as a way to track my progress. It’s very accurate and tracks trends in the mobile app. I haven’t ever had single issue with the bluetooth function.

  62. Samarth Apte

    Does it what it stated!
    This scale seems to be accurate and it does provide a wide array of info that is helpful to track your progress.

  63. Siddharth Guha

    Great features, easy to use App and overall amazing scale!
    I recently got this scale as I have been looking for a new scale that was able to connect to an app and track information, so I did a lot of research as to what would be the best scale to purchase and after all of my research I landed on this one and I’m super happy!The scale is very easy to setup and connect to app, the screen is bright, clear and easy to read.

  64. Parth Garg

    Amazing for health journey!
    This is really awesome and actually pretty budget friendly! Due to its Accuracy I always feel motivated to push myself more!

  65. Girish Suryawanshi

    I did a lot of research and loved this product!
    It get connected easily and the minute you step on it, displays all the information and in app also shows all the detailed information.

  66. Sanjay Lahoti

    Great scale, Most Accurate.
    I really like this scale. Once you set it up and connect with bluetooth, it will track your weight as well as body fat, muscle mass, water weight, etc. I’ve compared with other 2 brands, the reading it provides is accurate.

  67. Akshay Gattani

    Great purchased after much research.
    After a lot of research I bought Actofit Smart scale . I looked at reviews on here and got this. The scale is accurate and consistent, I compared the results with other brands also but I found this consistent.The app is good to use and displays all the historical data that you can view daily.

  68. Jeevan Kumar

    Full 5 starts!
    This is great product with various measurements such as BMI, body fat %, water, and lot more. Whoever set the algorithms of each category did an excellent job. App dashboard gives all the information you need. Happy Customer!

  69. Jatin Hatwal

    Perfect in terms of Accuracy. One of the finest weighing smart machine available with such accuracy.
    -Easily accessibe

  70. Gayatri Moily

    Super Smart Scale!
    I love this scale because it hods you accountable, it not just about your weight but your water, fat & muscle. I’m currently doing Keto/IF (intermittent fasting) with Keto its not always about the weight lost but rather the inches, the muscle gained and fat lost – this scale shows you that also and I just loved it!
    Thanks Actofit!

  71. Pawan Kumar

    This scale is EVERYTHING! Before purchasing this particular scale, I did a lot of research. What sold me was the information in provides through the app telling your results that too accurate.

  72. Mithun Mohan

    It shocked me when I saw it measured “protein”. Being that I am on to a healthier lifestyle journey, this made it really easy. It does so much that the price tag is well worth it.

  73. Darpan Shah

    A solid 5-star performer and neat piece of technology!
    I picked this up for a friend who has become serious about his health and wanted to track everything on a number of levels. The Actofit smart scale has easily done that for him and motivated him to push himself even further in his workout regime and health goals 🙂

  74. Rupam Sarmah

    Quality scale with useful 24 body composition metrics.
    This is really nice smart digital scale that help you track your weight and several measures of body composition. I really do like this scale.

  75. Kshitij Khare

    I’am in love with this scale. It not only measures your weight, it also has 24 different measurements. My favorite are muscle mass, water & protein. All the information is transmitted to an app on your smart phone, its amazing!

  76. Karan Garg

    Budget worthy!
    I have been using this for more than a month now and so far I am impressed. I found it very accurate consistently. I loved the build quality.

  77. Ankit Shetty

    Want results? Get Actofit Smart scale!
    Actofit smart scale does health data right. Step on and in just a few seconds read all the critical stats you need to make sense of your workouts. Setup is easy. Connect with bluetooth and register the device, sign in. Nothing beats results!

  78. Supriya Mantri

    Useful companion at home.
    It looks good and yes it is accurate. App functions works well. Very reliable. Arrived perfectly packed.

  79. Nishant Sharma

    Product is good. Ordered it from website and got delivery in 4 days.
    It is accurate and good for keeping daily track and understanding how your body responds to minor changes in lifestyle.

  80. Aarti Shukla

    Excellent Product!
    Very good , easy to use and Accurate!

  81. Muskaan Shaikh

    Fantastic Scale!
    This is fantastic scale. Just watching the scale has really motivated me and started my fitness rigorously.

  82. Vijay Menon

    Super savy, super easy, highly accurate!
    Also Actofit Smart Scale is popular in many gyms. So, you tend to rely on their products. It is very easy and convenient to use.

  83. Nimit Singh

    It’s been long time since I’ve wanted to buy my own smartscale, I’m so glad I found this brand. I compared it with other scales but I think I like it better since it has good feedback from other customers. It also has cool app that syncs easily so well with my phone. The measurements are pretty accurate when compared to the ones I use at the clinic, I’d recommend this to anyone! 🙂

  84. Fatima Bhaiji

    Accurate scale with an easy-to-use app that has a lot of features.
    The scale is well worth the money. It precisely measured my weight and using the app I get the health score of my body. This is a great way to monitor your health.

  85. Deepak Shenoy

    Seriously smart weight scale!
    Fast reliable reading of weight and multiple other measurements. Looks good and classy. Built with quality glass.

  86. Dr. K. Venkateswara Rao

    Like cool stuff? You need one of these!
    I have two other bathroom scales. They are now seeking therapy for lack of attention because my new Actofit Smart scale is getting all the use. This scale is perfectly accurate and gives all the information needed. Love it!

  87. Dr. K. Venkateswara Rao

    Like cool stuff? You need one of these!
    I have two other bathroom scales. They are now seeking therapy for lack of attention because my new Actofit Smart scale is getting all the use. Love it!

  88. Dr. K. Venkateswara Rao

    Like cool stuff? You need one of these!
    I have two other bathroom scales. They are now seeking therapy for lack of attention. Love it!

  89. Yatika Arora

    Happy to track my all body, not just weight!
    This scale is amazing! I I have been using if for a week and it really works great. The set up was more than easy- I just downloaded the app and it was all done when I stepped on the scale. Make sure you follow all the instructions so you don’t get disappointed.

  90. Govind Reddy

    I have used this product since October 2020 and have enough experience with it to give a review. The short version is that I can give this product a five-star review. The price was competitive and the scale is still accurate. I compared with other scale also but this proved very accurate.

  91. Abhish K

    Helps me monitor my health stats!
    I bought this scale so I can start monitoring my weight and work on getting healthier. I didn’t want just any cheap scale so I bought this one because it has bluetooth technology and helps me monitor my measurements with Actofit Smart Scale App.

  92. Mrinal Saha

    This scale has Dual BIA technology that uses 2 different frequencies to measure 24 body composition metrics like muscle mass, body mass index, water and lot more. The measurements are kept on your smartphone, it work with both iOS & Android to track your progress. I’m impressed with its accuracy. Happy Customer!

  93. Kanwar Anand

    As Advertised..
    One day in with the new scale vs old one and it’s much more comprehensive than your standard bathroom scale. While I can’t fully review everything about this product (haven’t had it long enough) here’s what I can tell you: it’s sleek, easy to set up, seems accurate and user friendly . I think its a great tool if you are looking to track and maintain good health.

  94. Rohit Raina

    Amazing product & wow experience!
    Accuracy is really good, it is consistent. Though I don’t know all the metrics still this scale and its app let you know your body and you will start maintaining it. Thanks Actofit!

  95. Sakshi Pradhan

    Scale works brilliantly! Smart BMI Digital scale is accurate & fast to give body composition info.

  96. Mohammad Manzoor Alam

    BEST for monitoring Body!
    I need to lose weight and I need to monitor my body fat, BMI, protein and other important health measurement. This scale does just that and it is quick and accurate. Download the app, connect with bluetooth, create profile and check your health stats.

  97. Siddharth Ahir

    I do strongly recommend this smart digital scale, as it is super accurate and helps monitor towards a better composition health. App is easy to use, too which is a bonus.

  98. Gaurav Singh

    I love the App!
    The scale is accurate in all the measurements. All the little extras that the scale offers on the app is very interesting like body fat %, muscle mass and all. To track your body this scale is best. I think it is worth the buy.

  99. Gaurav Singh

    The scale is accurate in all the measurements. All the little extras that the scale offers on the app is very interesting like body fat %, muscle mass and all. To track your body this scale is best. I think it is worth the buy.

  100. Parth M

    It’s easy to use. The information from scale to phone is in matter of seconds.
    I like how easy and fast it is to use. Setting up the app was easy. the scale provides all the data very accurate, hence giving 5-star review for accuracy!

  101. Sanjeev Rane

    Stylish and efficient smart scale.
    I enjoy using this smart scale every morning to get my daily weigh-ins. The measurements are accurate and quick. The app is top-notch, with clean interface and analytics capabilities. Tracks all the measurements accurately.

  102. Avinash Nayak

    Pretty cool scale, super accurate!
    This is definately nice to have if you can afford to pay a little more for a perfect scale. It is stylish and works perfectly for simply telling your weight & body metrics.

  103. Subhajit Chakraborty

    I would like to tell that things like BMI, Body Fat percentage are useful to know accurately and this scale let you know measurements accurately. Overall happy with my purchase.

  104. Ajay Dhakal

    It gets the work done!
    I don’t usually post reviews on website, however I can not stop myself from posting a review for this item. I am not professional athlete or a bodybuilder, so I don’t understand all the technical details, but I do understand the features that are most helpful.
    Thanks Actofit!

  105. Sudipto Dutta

    First thing first, I love the colour of the scale and the size. Second and most imp thing its Accuracy, it is perfect. Third thing for me is the user interface on my samsung, its clean and attractive and informational.

  106. Tanay Diwar

    Loved my new weight scale!
    I replaced my outdated weight scale with new pro max scale. The set up was very quick. I just loved the app as I can keep track of my health and weight loss journey.

  107. Arpita Nayak

    One of the most required product in modern times!
    I am using this since 8 months now and didn’t faced any problems uptill now, the product (smart scale pro max) is really nice. Worth Buy!

  108. Tara Dave

    This is by far the best smart scale I’ve ever bought. Super easy to set up, super easy to use and connecting to bluetooth you get everything on phone. Normally I hate scales but this one is definately worth it.

  109. Vanessa Arian

    Very Modern!
    This is so high tech and price range is also good. Just download the app and it tracks all the things which has mentioned. Amazed with its accuracy!

  110. Vidyesh Kumar

    Giving 5-Stars because the new one is amazing!
    I am already using Actofit Prime scale and I loved its accuracy, and this new smart scale is amazing. Everything is perfect in this.

  111. JP Nunez

    Best Smart BMI Digital Scale!
    I really like this scale. I wanted this one because of all the extras it offers. I’ve researched online many and came to conclusion by buying this scale and very happy with it.

  112. Harish Narvekar

    It is very convenient!
    The product is really cool!! You need to download the app in order to see other body composition metrics such as body fat, muscle, BMI and more. So far I like it. It is accurate . I will recommend to others.

  113. Srinidhi chetty

    Amazing scale, I love the app!
    The amount of information this scale gives about your health is amazing. You can track your weight daily and track progress on your weight loss. The quality is great and the asthetics of the scale look great.

  114. Hiren Soni

    If this dosen’t get you motivated I don’t know what will:)
    The scale dosen’t lie and sometimes we all need to see the truth to help us get motivated. This scale did it for me. The app has given me confidence to lost weight. Due to its accuracy it becomes easier to lose weight.

  115. Avyukt Singh

    Very happy with my purchase!
    I love my scale. I step on my old faithful scale first and they both give the same weight. So it is accurate. I use the scale once a week in order to compare the results with the previous time. The app is easy to use as well.

  116. Himanshu Jindal

    Consistency is Key!
    After reading all the reviews, I was skeptical about getting this scale. But I bought to check it out. The app is available to download. I am impressed with the accuracy it provides. Great product!

  117. Vaibhav Shende

    The scale provides more accurate data. By day three or weighing myself I saw that my scores were much more accurate and what described my body more. So give it a chance and you will see that the scale is actually accurate and it provides a lot of information that is helpful to living a better lifestyle.

  118. Anand R Choudhari

    Fantastic Buy!
    I love this scale! I am not the kind of person who likes the scale but I liked the idea that this one gives you 24 different metrics in your body other than just your weight. So happy I bought! It has been a great tool to help me on my health journey.

  119. Ashad Shaikh

    Must-buy for gym enthusiasts!
    Product design is very sleek! It was easy to setup and connect with the app. It accurately tells weight instantly. I stand and within some sec I get BMI, fat content, water content on the app also. The app is very helpful!

  120. Rajesh Lenka

    Worth the money. Love it
    This is fantastic product and app is also user friendly. 100% recommend this product. Better than normal weight machine I had purchased. To see the progress on the app is empowering and pushes me to do better.

  121. Hemal Mehta

    Awesome, super Accurate!
    The scale is so accurate and easy to read. I recently started going to the gym and I want to track my body fat levels every single day and this really helps me check it because it pairs so easily to my phone app and it is extremely accurate.

  122. Nikhil Sharma

    Very easy to use and setup!
    I love this scale. When I received the scale I thought that it would be hard to setup the app but it was extremely easy. The app tracks my weight and everything about my body. Very nice and sleek.

  123. Ujjal das

    Surprised by the app!
    This scale does exactly what it sets out to do. It has a really clear reading of your weight and body fat. But my biggest surprise was how useful the app and intuitive it was. I will continue to use this and document my fitness journey.

  124. Ujjal das

    Surprised by the app!
    This scale does exactly what it sets out to do. It has a really clear reading of your weight and body fat. But my biggest surprise was how useful the app and intuitive it was.

  125. G Ramakrishna

    Loving it!
    I just got this and I am so excited about it. You have to download the app to your iOS/Android phone. It gives ton of information. Not sure how it computes everything but its really cool. It shows all the results.

  126. Mihir Makol

    Complete Body Analysis, Great Product.
    Actofit makes good products. It is easy to setup. Connect wirelessly and it will measure your body composition. I’m 59 and i am doing my best to be pain free & medication free.

  127. Chandan Pokar

    Love the smart aspect!
    The scale is all smart and connects to the app seamlessly. It tracks several health functions and is very easy to use. It does require a bluetooth connection but it is all through the app. The app is simple and straight forward and tracks all your measurements.

  128. Vinay Mohite

    Detailed & informative, worth the cost.
    Great Scale! I love the details that measures the different body composition. It is worth the investment. The app on my phone is seamlessly integrated with the device and I am learning what the different measurements mean and how to track them over time. LED display is bright and easily seen. Would 100% recommend this purchase to family and friends.

  129. Vinay Mohite

    Detailed & informative, worth the cost.
    Great Scale! I love the details that measures different metrics. It is worth the investment. The app on my phone is seamlessly integrated with the device and I am learning what the different measurements mean and how to track them over time. LED display is bright and easily seen. Would 100% recommend this purchase to family and friends.

  130. Aneez Sahu

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    It is in perfect price range according to me, as it comes with extra perks once you link it to the app. It works smoothly and it’s very accurate compared to my previous one.

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Anyone can use Actofit Smartscale Pro Max to track their weight and sync their individual stats personal Actofit account just by opening the app and stepping on the scale

Smartscale App Actofit


360° health and body vitals tracking

Monitor Health Comprehensively

Step on the scale to see your weight and 23 other body composition metrics.

Smartscale App

Sync your smartscale with Actofit’s specialized Smartscale App to view and store your progress.

Study Long term trends

Study and analyse historical progress by storing all your composition metrics with the Smartscale app.

With the Actofit Smartscale Pro get Muscle Mass & Body Fat data for each limb & Trunk independently as compared to an overall score. Use this data to plan your workouts better.

How old are you? How old is your body? Believe it or not, there’s a difference, and it’s known as Metabolic Age. This metric factors your body structure, BMR, fat, and muscle mass and gives you an accurate picture of how healthy your body is by informing you of your body’s age relative to your actual age. You want this number to be lower or at least the same as your actual age. If it's higher, it means that some lifestyle changes may be helpful. If it’s lower, you’re on the right track!

Body Water Percentage is the percentage of water found in the body. This metric is vital to avoiding dehydration and making sure your body has what it needs to function healthily. Keep in mind that hydration level may fluctuate through the day and night due to exercise, medications, caffeine, alcohol consumption, and even bathing. That said, most people fail to drink adequate amounts of water so aim for at least eight glasses a day.

BMR is the minimum daily calories your body needs to function while at rest (how much energy your body would burn if you stayed in bed all day). This metric will help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you want to lose, maintain, or gain weight. Think of it as a baseline in setting your daily caloric goals—by knowing how much you burn at rest, you can begin to plan how many calories you should consume throughout the day by considering your activity levels. The more active you are, the more calories you should consume above your BMR.

Regular exercise, including cardiovascular and weight-bearing activities, will help raise your BMR. Raising your BMR is critical if your goal is to lose weight, as you’ll increase the number of calories your body naturally burns throughout the day.

Visceral Fat surrounds the organs and is located deep in the abdominal cavity. It is the type of fat that cannot be seen or touched—the mirror won’t tell you how much visceral fat is in your body. Ensuring that you have a healthy level of Visceral Fat reduces your risk for diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack. This metric is key to understanding what’s happening inside your body and gives insight into changes you may need to take to improve your overall health.

Subcutaneous Fat is the fat stored beneath the skin that you can see in the mirror. For women, breasts also contain Subcutaneous Fat. Subcutaneous Fat is less harmful than Visceral Fat and is sometimes referred to as the “stubborn” fat because it can be harder to lose. Understanding the vital difference between Visceral Fat and Subcutaneous Fat provides knowledge of your body’s fat distribution, which can help predict any risks of illness.

BMI is a standard metric Actofit calculates using your height and weight. It can be a great starting point to get a quick snapshot of your bodily health. According to the World Health Organization:

  • A normal BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9.
  • A result of 25- 29.9 is considered overweight.
  • A BMI of over 30 is considered obese.

These numbers may seem misleading if you have an athletic build, which is why metrics like Body Fat and Muscle Ratio are essential.

Body Fat Mass is the overall weight of fat in your body. Body Weight alone is not an indicator of overall health as it cannot distinguish between healthy body fat, unhealthy body fat, and lean body mass and muscles. For this reason, monitoring and maintaining a healthy Body Fat Mass is essential. It can help reduce the risks of certain illnesses and increase overall wellness.

Ever wonder what your body weight would be if you had a BFP of 0%? This metric tells you your weight without accounting for fat found in the body. Weight Without Fat can be a useful indicator for those looking to lose weight. It can also be a helpful benchmark for goal setting but don’t forget that every healthy body needs some fat to function correctly.

Bone Mass is the predicted weight of bone mineral in the body. Bone Mass declines slowly with age, so it’s useful to monitor to avoid any surprises in your health. A low Bone Mass might increase the risk for injuries or provide insight to assess the risk of developing osteoporosis. To help maintain healthy bone mass, you should get your daily recommended intake of calcium. You should also include some weight-bearing exercises in your fitness routine.

Muscle Mass percentage is an excellent indicator of health because your muscle mass will naturally decline as you age. By monitoring it closely, you can effectively gauge how healthily your body is aging! A higher percentage of Muscle Mass reflects a lower rate of body fat. For people on a diet or training regularly, knowing and monitoring your muscle mass percentage can be a great tool in assessing its effectiveness. This metric is critical for anyone looking to increase muscle, improve fitness, and reduce injury or illness risk.

Monitoring Muscle Weight can help you reverse the decrease in muscle mass and bone density that comes with age. Muscle Mass can also be a great tool in assessing your training program or workout. Anyone invested in improving their overall strength will benefit from monitoring this metric to increase awareness of how much their training impacts their progress towards their goals.

Protein Mass is the amount of protein in the body. Knowing and tracking protein mass can help in achieving your Muscle Mass goals. Meeting the daily recommended protein intake will help your body maintain healthy nails, hair, skin and build muscle. Be sure to get your proteins from a wide variety of sources!

Protein Rate reflects the percentage of protein found in your body expressed as a percentage relative to other compositional data. Protein plays a critical role in both your physical and cognitive health. Your body uses protein to make enzymes, hormones and helps maintain other bodily functions. Protein is also an essential building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. This is an important metric to monitor regularly.

Standard Weight is the recommended healthy and optimal weight based on various factors such as height, weight, age, and gender. Are you the competitive type? If so, this metric might help inspire you to work towards your goals in regards to your overall weight, but should be taken only as a suggestion. Health is not one size fits all. Everyone’s body is different. The standard weight reflected may need to be adjusted based on body type, muscle rate, and athleticism.

Weight Control is a benchmark metric for where you are compared to the standard weight for your age. This metric can guide you in knowing how much to lose or gain to set realistic and smart goals for yourself.

Weighing only your lbs is bs, but body weight is a metric we are conditioned to keep on a pedestal. For certain athletes and in certain situations having an accurate reading of your body weight is critical. Still, most often, this isn’t the case. Make sure you weigh yourself consistently—at the same time and under the same conditions each day—to get an accurate reading.

SEE YOUR WEIGHT, body fat, muscle mass, BMI, health index ON Smartscale

Step on the scale and Smartscale displays your weight, body fat, BMI, health index, Muscle mass stats on the Scale display itself, without you needing to check your App.

Difference Between
Smartscale Prime Vs Smartscale Lite 2.0 Vs Smartscale Pro Max


LITE 2.0













More detailed with segmental analysis


  • Smartscale Pro

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