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Smartscale Pro

The Smartest health monitor designed to measure 23 body composition metrics to provide a holistic health profile not only for you but for your entire family, right from the comfort of your home.

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Get your order in 4-5 days 

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41 reviews for Smartscale Pro

  1. Dhaval Jadwani

    The machine is good and I found it quite accurate. Lightweight, easy to start, easy to carry, and value for money. Nice product.
    Thank you for delivering the product on time.

  2. Faizaah Hussain

    Good Build quality, amazing customer service. They ensured my purchase was all okay and my installation was smooth.
    Definitely worth buying!

  3. Deepankar Joshi

    I can say it’s pretty reliable and helpful. The setup was a breeze, didn’t face any issues there, and had my weight and other details captured and synced with the phone in no time.
    I would have preferred if the app had a little cleaner design and offered dark mode.

  4. Adil Khumana

    It’s good. Looking for more features & software updates.

  5. Mruga Baxi

    The best device till now that fits the requirement of the whole family

  6. Sonia Gilani

    This device gives you the motivation of keeping yourself in shape. It’s the best health record storage for my whole family.

  7. Ravi Mishra

    More than the weighing scale. Best device

  8. Sufyan Lakdawala

    Smart Coach & Setting daily goals make smartscale unique.

  9. Lavina Joshi

    Amazing product and good customer support

  10. Chirag Panchal

    Extraordinary yet simple to use. Perfect for me.

  11. Karishma Charania

    Fewer words to describe this amazing product

  12. Varsha Mirkar

    When the product is right, you don’t have to be a Great Marketer. And Smartscale proved it. Its the Best.

  13. Pratik Gada

    There’s no more important consumer product today than tracking the health progress. Smartscale has achieved its perfection.

  14. Dharmesh Kapoor

    I wanted something more than a weighing scale and smartscale is the one.

  15. Chirag Kanakia

    Easy to use and an amazing device

  16. Shezil Charania

    Amazing discovery. Best use for family health improvement.

  17. Yashraj Mukhate

    Everything included what I need.

  18. Nikhil Diwedi

    Experiencing is it after a relative recommended. And it’s awesome.

  19. Mira Patel

    The tech is best as completes our family goals.

  20. Viraaj Shah

    It’s special and essential.

  21. Kiran Mehta

    Basically, it’s durable. And objectively valuable.

  22. Kayomars Gheewala

    It gives real results and saves time.

  23. Rajeev Shukla

    A beautiful design with 100% accurate results and more data storage for family members.

  24. Heena Moledina

    A perfect machine to make changes in life and health.

  25. Bhakti Gandhi

    Life is simple when such tech helps you solve major problems.

  26. Akshay Bhatia

    Love the creativity and initiative by Actofit to improve our life.

  27. Milind Sahane

    most satisfactory product

  28. Kirit Rane

    such impressive efficiency

  29. Bhati Waghdhare

    Such an excellent quality. I have referred to my cousins and friends. Keep it up.

  30. Laxman Naik

    I was really pleased by the feedback and decided to buy the product after doing a lot of testing. So far, after a month of use, my experience has been – the device worked beautifully, easily connecting with the mobile app, and I was able to create several profiles and take recordings.

  31. Vikas Ahuja

    This product is extremely well-designed. All you need is a Bluetooth link and the app to get the reading. As compared to the body composition readings obtained from expensive gym equipment, these readings are extremely reliable.

  32. Yasmin Kapadia

    The calculated parameters are simple to understand, and it has greatly aided me in understanding and planning my diet. I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to product reviews, but this one performed admirably based on my user experience for the price point.

  33. Radhika Gawde

    This is an essential method for someone looking to improve their body composition or lose or gain weight. We can also create profiles for family members and monitor their measurements as they progress through the timeline…we can also refer to the readings offline later and share them as well.
    Actofit, well done!

  34. Manish Paul

    It not only allows you to check your weight, but also your BMI, BMR, Water level, Body Mass, Bone Mass, Protein levels, and overall health ranking. I think it’s awesome and well worth the money! What I liked most is how open the Actofit team is; they’re just a few minutes away if a customer has a question. Overall, a fantastic product that everyone can try.

  35. Aliza Ratansi

    I was hesitant to purchase this weighing scale because of the price and because I wasn’t sure how accurate the mobile experience and accuracy of all features listed were.
    So, after about a month of use, I can tell it’s fairly dependable and useful. I had no problems with the setup and had my weight and other information collected and synced with the phone in no time.

  36. Riya Menon

    The Actofit findings were unquestionably excellent. Excellent build quality and customer service. They made certain that my purchase went smoothly and that my installation went as planned.

    Definitely worth purchasing!

  37. Nina Dixit

    The Smartscale is nice and I thought it was precise. Simple to start, lightweight to carry, and attractive value for money. Beautiful product.
    Appreciate the time and effort, the product was delivered.

  38. Eijaz Tejani

    Today’s market commodity is no more critical than monitoring health advances. It was perfectly done by Smartscale. Thank you Actofit.

  39. Vaishali Nagrekar

    You don’t have to be a fantastic advertiser if the product is great. And Smartscale demonstrated it. It is the very best.

  40. Bhavik Shethia

    Must say a very good quality product at this price range. As I am a fitness enthusiast it gives me immense pleasure to see my overall body data. I work excellent just connect to Bluetooth and you will know your body Data. Overall very happy with the product

  41. Harsh Chabra

    I got the product today and put it to use. When I compared the results to a larger BMI unit, the results were very accurate.
    Quite lightweight and excellent build efficiency. The functionality needs to be enhanced.
    The instructions were also very simple.

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Revamp not only your fitness game, but your entire friends and families with its multi-users feature known for building stronger and healthier communities.



360° health and body vitals tracking

Monitor Health Comprehensively

Step on the scale to see your weight and 11 other body composition metrics.

Smartscale App

Sync your smartscale with Actofit’s specialized Smartscale App to view and store your progress.

Study Long term trends

Study and analyse historical progress by storing all your composition metrics with the Smartscale app.

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Set up
daily personal goals to
get a clear picture of your

An exemplary feature that helps you to set up daily personal goals to get a clear picture of your health

With the Actofit Smartscale Pro get Muscle Mass & Body Fat data for each limb & Trunk independently as compared to an overall score. Use this data to plan your workouts better.

How old are you? How old is your body? Believe it or not, there’s a difference, and it’s known as Metabolic Age. This metric factors your body structure, BMR, fat, and muscle mass and gives you an accurate picture of how healthy your body is by informing you of your body’s age relative to your actual age. You want this number to be lower or at least the same as your actual age. If it's higher, it means that some lifestyle changes may be helpful. If it’s lower, you’re on the right track!

Body Water Percentage is the percentage of water found in the body. This metric is vital to avoiding dehydration and making sure your body has what it needs to function healthily. Keep in mind that hydration level may fluctuate through the day and night due to exercise, medications, caffeine, alcohol consumption, and even bathing. That said, most people fail to drink adequate amounts of water so aim for at least eight glasses a day.

BMR is the minimum daily calories your body needs to function while at rest (how much energy your body would burn if you stayed in bed all day). This metric will help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you want to lose, maintain, or gain weight. Think of it as a baseline in setting your daily caloric goals—by knowing how much you burn at rest, you can begin to plan how many calories you should consume throughout the day by considering your activity levels. The more active you are, the more calories you should consume above your BMR.

Regular exercise, including cardiovascular and weight-bearing activities, will help raise your BMR. Raising your BMR is critical if your goal is to lose weight, as you’ll increase the number of calories your body naturally burns throughout the day.

Visceral Fat surrounds the organs and is located deep in the abdominal cavity. It is the type of fat that cannot be seen or touched—the mirror won’t tell you how much visceral fat is in your body. Ensuring that you have a healthy level of Visceral Fat reduces your risk for diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack. This metric is key to understanding what’s happening inside your body and gives insight into changes you may need to take to improve your overall health.

Subcutaneous Fat is the fat stored beneath the skin that you can see in the mirror. For women, breasts also contain Subcutaneous Fat. Subcutaneous Fat is less harmful than Visceral Fat and is sometimes referred to as the “stubborn” fat because it can be harder to lose. Understanding the vital difference between Visceral Fat and Subcutaneous Fat provides knowledge of your body’s fat distribution, which can help predict any risks of illness.

BMI is a standard metric Actofit calculates using your height and weight. It can be a great starting point to get a quick snapshot of your bodily health. According to the World Health Organization:

  • A normal BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9.
  • A result of 25- 29.9 is considered overweight.
  • A BMI of over 30 is considered obese.

These numbers may seem misleading if you have an athletic build, which is why metrics like Body Fat and Muscle Ratio are essential.

Body Fat Mass is the overall weight of fat in your body. Body Weight alone is not an indicator of overall health as it cannot distinguish between healthy body fat, unhealthy body fat, and lean body mass and muscles. For this reason, monitoring and maintaining a healthy Body Fat Mass is essential. It can help reduce the risks of certain illnesses and increase overall wellness.

Ever wonder what your body weight would be if you had a BFP of 0%? This metric tells you your weight without accounting for fat found in the body. Weight Without Fat can be a useful indicator for those looking to lose weight. It can also be a helpful benchmark for goal setting but don’t forget that every healthy body needs some fat to function correctly.

Bone Mass is the predicted weight of bone mineral in the body. Bone Mass declines slowly with age, so it’s useful to monitor to avoid any surprises in your health. A low Bone Mass might increase the risk for injuries or provide insight to assess the risk of developing osteoporosis. To help maintain healthy bone mass, you should get your daily recommended intake of calcium. You should also include some weight-bearing exercises in your fitness routine.

Muscle Mass percentage is an excellent indicator of health because your muscle mass will naturally decline as you age. By monitoring it closely, you can effectively gauge how healthily your body is aging! A higher percentage of Muscle Mass reflects a lower rate of body fat. For people on a diet or training regularly, knowing and monitoring your muscle mass percentage can be a great tool in assessing its effectiveness. This metric is critical for anyone looking to increase muscle, improve fitness, and reduce injury or illness risk.

Monitoring Muscle Weight can help you reverse the decrease in muscle mass and bone density that comes with age. Muscle Mass can also be a great tool in assessing your training program or workout. Anyone invested in improving their overall strength will benefit from monitoring this metric to increase awareness of how much their training impacts their progress towards their goals.

Protein Mass is the amount of protein in the body. Knowing and tracking protein mass can help in achieving your Muscle Mass goals. Meeting the daily recommended protein intake will help your body maintain healthy nails, hair, skin and build muscle. Be sure to get your proteins from a wide variety of sources!

Protein Rate reflects the percentage of protein found in your body expressed as a percentage relative to other compositional data. Protein plays a critical role in both your physical and cognitive health. Your body uses protein to make enzymes, hormones and helps maintain other bodily functions. Protein is also an essential building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. This is an important metric to monitor regularly.

Standard Weight is the recommended healthy and optimal weight based on various factors such as height, weight, age, and gender. Are you the competitive type? If so, this metric might help inspire you to work towards your goals in regards to your overall weight, but should be taken only as a suggestion. Health is not one size fits all. Everyone’s body is different. The standard weight reflected may need to be adjusted based on body type, muscle rate, and athleticism.

Weight Control is a benchmark metric for where you are compared to the standard weight for your age. This metric can guide you in knowing how much to lose or gain to set realistic and smart goals for yourself.

Weighing only your lbs is bs, but body weight is a metric we are conditioned to keep on a pedestal. For certain athletes and in certain situations having an accurate reading of your body weight is critical. Still, most often, this isn’t the case. Make sure you weigh yourself consistently—at the same time and under the same conditions each day—to get an accurate reading.