The smartest health monitor designed to measure 15 body composition metrics to provide a holistic health profile not only for you but for your entire family, right from the comfort of your home.

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Get your order in 4-5 days 

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126 reviews for Smartscale

  1. Aarya R.

    Love it!

  2. Arunima Chakravorty

    Health Tracking at its best.

  3. Nila Hera

    Thanks for this, sis.

  4. Laila N


  5. Dia G.

    100% satisfaction.

  6. Sanya M.

    Prized possession.

  7. Muhammad

    Poof! Magic happens here.

  8. Kabir

    But this for SURE.

  9. Mona P

    Works like a dream. Go for it.

  10. Myra Malik

    This is the BEST.

  11. Veer Shorey

    Slightly expensive but works.

  12. Dhruv Mehra

    Value for money.

  13. Smriti Dey

    This has been used for our Nationals Swimming Team. Great product. Progress tracking helped us immensely.

  14. Grace Rupani

    Jamming with this device really.

  15. Ankita Singh

    Wonderful device from Actofit. I didn’t only lose weight, I actually got healthy. Three cheers to Smartscale.

  16. Shivay Sharma


  17. Viaan Rai

    That price tag has a reason behind it.

  18. Rahul Yadav

    Can’t be anything better. What a product! What features.

  19. Pratham P.

    Progress tracking is easy.

  20. Ishaan Mehra

    I’m lovin’ it! :’) Peacefully now.

  21. Mariam Kamal

    Great product.

  22. Aahana Jaiswal

    Darn it, there’s nothing better.

  23. Isha Khan

    Body fat % analysis. What else is needed.

  24. Nihar Sanyal

    Loveeeeeeeeeeee this!

  25. Aayrah Roy Kapur

    Better than other brands I’ve used.

  26. Kiara Kapil

    No. 1

  27. Kanha Mohan


  28. Krishna Thakkar

    Each function works nicely.

  29. Atharv Neel

    Buy this.

  30. Nicole Ryan

    Gifted this. Worth it.

  31. shyam s.

    Best analysis machine in this price range and easy to access through mobile app. Specially measurement option.

  32. Sravansh S.

    Excited to use this.

  33. parul

    Very good product and very easy to use.. We can have many users. Must Buy product.

  34. Daksh Kher

    Very very satisfied.

  35. Thaanvi Muhuri


  36. Veda Dey

    Bought for everyone in the fam.

  37. Advit Anand


  38. Kartik Kumar

    What an amazing product! Thoroughly satisfied.

  39. Nihit Khurana

    Works smooth.

  40. Parth Motwane

    Graphical analysis is all heart.

  41. Shlok A.

    Easy procedures. Thank you.

  42. Advika Chauhan

    Very good.

  43. Pranav Dey

    Turned me over a new leaf.

  44. Pranit

    Worth every penny.

  45. Rishan Ahuja

    Immense changes for better.

  46. Shalini Marwah

    If you want to get fit, please do me a favour and buy Actofit Smartscale.

  47. Noah Charles

    Dude, I am pretty sure this is the best smartscale out there in the market cuz I have used a couple in the gym and this is the easiest and the best.

  48. Kenneth R

    If you are thinking about buying a digital weight machine, bunk that thought and buy the Smartscale.

  49. Adi Dev

    Mind boggling features. Worth it.

  50. Alicia Rose

    Pretty great. Scratch that, better than great!

  51. Param Jaiswal

    I would recommend evryone to go for this. Such a blessing.

  52. Rekha H.

    Actofit bands, then this. Helped a lot.

  53. Lakshya Aryan

    Whatta product.

  54. Taara

    Easy, light, impressed.

  55. Naresh Tacker

    Thank goodness I went for this and not any other brand. Been a great experience.

  56. Dhakshan V.

    This gift is appreciated.

  57. Saiyad R.

    Tech is evolving rapidly with Actofit here

  58. Farhan

    Must buy.

  59. Snehal Prakash

    Whoosh! Battery backup is astounding.

  60. Neel Roy

    Easily the best out there.

  61. Tanish Sarkar

    Deservedly ranked #1.

  62. Anayka Gill

    GO FOR THIS!!!

  63. Sakshi F

    Awesome product. 15+ parameters?! This tracks health, not just weight.

  64. Suresh Mohan

    You won’t be dissapointed if you buy Actofit.

  65. Niraj

    My entire family uses it and i love the fact that 16 people can be added, however, I still haven’t figured out how to add everyone on the same mobile device. So everyone has downloaded the app separately and make sure connected devices’ Bluetooth is turned off when you are measuring! Its annoying that if you mess up, you cant delete the data of a day.

  66. P. Choubey

    Detailed analytics. Works great for the entire family.

  67. Paresh M.


  68. Kiaan Kapoor

    Mindblowing progress.

  69. Aayan C.

    World, take notice.

  70. Sneha

    Amazing performance.

  71. Yohan

    Actofit OP.

  72. George Philip

    Works better than other brands.

  73. santosh

    Product seems to be accurate, mobile can be further improvised specifically wrt to viewing historic data

  74. Harshita I.

    Actofit moved ahead while others stayed behind.

  75. Arianna K.

    !!! Better? Not possible.

  76. Adam G.

    Such a nice app.

  77. Karan Kapoor

    Worth all the money. Great service too. App works seamlessly too.

  78. Sai Nilesh

    Smart scale for smart people.

  79. Jaanvi Rathee

    Yo, you bought this yet?

  80. Fatima K.


  81. Karthika

    Does a good job. Satisfied with my purchase.

  82. Rana R.

    Must buy. 100% Value for money.

  83. Kartikeya P.

    Training’s changed post this.

  84. Adinew B.


  85. Shiv Verma

    15+ parameters. YES!!!

  86. Yuvaan Jalota

    Commendable engineering.

  87. Anaisha Raina


  88. Yash L.

    Awesome product.

  89. Saakshi Lalwani

    5 stars for all of this.

  90. Rudra H.

    Miraculous progression.

  91. Taani Halder

    Hot stuff.

  92. Mira Gupta

    Must buy, go for this.

  93. Himanshu

    We have been using this product for almost a year now and its very accurate. Its also very easy to use and the design is sleek but sturdy.

  94. Natasha Sharma

    For everyone in the house.

  95. Nevada Marwah

    So many features.

  96. Adrish Roy

    Interesting features.

  97. K. Iyenagar

    Was unsure of what it could do until I saw.

  98. Ramesh Raghavan

    It’s an amazing product, and very easy to use the app. It just makes my fitness journey more enjoyable…

    A wonderful experience to own this product

  99. Agastya Singh

    Now I know why it runs out of stock always.

  100. Noor

    Received today. EXCITED!!!

  101. Om Fahtehpuria

    Stay home. Stay smart. With the Smartscale.

  102. Manas G

    Thanks heavens I got this.

  103. Ravika Singhania

    Smoooooooth functions.

  104. Jay Kelvin

    Smartscale is best bought from Actofit.

  105. Karan Veer

    Stupendous performance.

  106. Ivana Clifford

    Monitoring made easy.

  107. Aarohi Prakash

    Ummm, can we give more than 5 stars?

  108. Samaira V.

    Such peace.

  109. Rimpi Jain

    I am quite impressed with the Actofit body composition weighing scale. I am very satisfied and happy with the metrics it generates within a matter of seconds on its companion App when you weigh yourself. I would definitely recommend this one to all fitness and body weight conscious people.

  110. Lovena

    Health is easy to understand now.

  111. Gia Khatoon

    Works very well.

  112. Arka Sen

    App’s great. Device greater.

  113. Poorvi P

    All features are properly.

  114. Adaar U.

    Let’s see how we work this out.

  115. Shaurya Singh

    Use this please.


    I have tried a few weighing scales before this but Actofit beats all others hands down. It is extremely user friendly and is quite accurate

  117. Kini Turner

    Truly astounding.

  118. Reyansh Y.

    Buying list should include this.

  119. Rini Chatterjee

    Wonderful experience.

  120. Yami H.

    Multi user works nicely.

  121. Thaibi Devi


  122. Pradeep J.

    Thoroughly satisfied.

  123. Shree Paul

    In love with this.

  124. Srinika Rohit

    Mighty impressed.

  125. Alice Ray

    Didn’t believe until I saw this that this would work.

  126. Aryan

    Great support.

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Get personalized insights on your sleep pattern and get better rest. Garnering you that extra fuel, to be energized and ready to take on tomorrow.


360° health and body vitals tracking

Monitor Health Comprehensively

Step on the scale to see your weight and 15 other body composition metrics.

Smartscale App

Sync your smartscale with Actofit’s specialized Smartscale App to view and store your progress.

Study Long term trends

Study and analyse historical progress by storing all your composition metrics with the Smartscale app.



An exemplary feature
that helps you to set up
daily personal goals to
get a clear picture of your

An exemplary feature that helps you to set up daily personal goals to get a clear picture of your health

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