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Track your overall health and get a complete picture of your body with the Actofit Smart Scale Pro. This Bluetooth-connected scale measures body fat percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass, so you can see how your body is changing over time. The Smart Scale Pro also syncs with Actofit Health App, so you can easily track your progress and share your results with friends and family.


  • Bluetooth connectivity: Syncs with your smartphone for easy tracking.
  • Accurate readings: Uses advanced technology to provide you with accurate readings.
  • Durable construction: Made from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use.
  • Actofit Health App: The Actofit Health App provides you with a complete picture of your health, including your body composition, weight, and activity levels. You can also track your progress over time and set goals for yourself.


  • Track your overall health: See how your body is changing over time and stay motivated to reach your goals.
  • Get a complete picture of your body composition: Understand your body composition and identify areas where you can make improvements.
  • Multi-User Support: The Actofit Smart Scale Pro can support up to 16 users, so you can share it with your family and friends. This is a great way to track your progress together and stay motivated.
  • Health Reports: The Actofit Health App provides you with detailed health reports that track your progress over time. These reports include your Weight| Body Fat Percentage| Muscle mass| Bone mass| BMI and 18+ You can also set goals for yourself and track your progress towards those goals.

Order your Actofit Smart Scale Pro today and start tracking your overall health and getting a complete picture of your body!

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24 body composition data

Don't just track your weight, understand it with Smartscale pro!

Super Accurate at Home Prices

8 super-sensitive Electrode Sensors integrated with advanced BIA (bioelectric impedance analysis) Technology ensures accuracy of your weight.

LED Display

4 Electrode with ITO Glass Top

4 Electrode in Handle

Smartscale Pro Max

It’s Time you Smartscale Up your Fitness Journey

Most accurate smartscale in the market

Don't just track your weight, understand it.
Segmental analysis is done to assess the condition of interconnected organs and tissues. This scale helps you know about such internal functions of your body.
Data of body parameters can be given to your trainer or client in CSV and PDF formats. Using a WiFi printer, you can print the report immediately from the app.

⓵ Physical Health Analysis

The Actofit Smartscale analyses your primary body health indicators to give you a body evaluation and recommendations for improving your health.

⓶ Wireless Data Sync

Each weigh-in is instantly transmitted over Bluetooth 4.0 to the Actofit Smartscale App. You can view your measurements in a matter of seconds thanks to quick wireless data transfer.

⓷ Connect with other Fitness App

Connect to your favourite Fitness apps and the Actofit Smartscale app will bring all of your health data together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Product

Can 2 or more people use the Smartscale Pro?

Yes, Upto 15 users can use the Smartscale Pro. But if you want to add unlimited users then you have to take Business Subscription

Is the Actofit Health App free?

Yes the app is free! You can track all the body compositions and track it over time.

What if I don’t like it? Can I return it?

We offer a 7 day return option with all of our devices as per our return policy. For more details send us an email at

Does Actofit Health app sync with Google Fit and Apple Health?

Yes Actofit Health app syncs with both Google Fitbit and Apple Health. So you can have all your health data in one place

Does it show a weekly average trend line on a graph when I look at my weight?

Yes it does, it will show you your weekly, monthly and yearly average when looking at your weight along with other health metrics

What sets Actofit apart from other smart scales in the market?

Actofit smart scales use a dual BIA frequency and are clinically validated for the highest accuracy.

Beyond just accuracy, with Actofit, you will also be able to get coaching and real-time recommendation to help you understand which areas you need to improve on and how to improve.

What is the maximum weight can be measured on Actofit Smartscale?

It is advised not to measure weight more than 180 KG/400 LB as it can damage the sensor of the scale.


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