Smartscale Enterprise

Smartscale for Enterprises


Actofit Smartscale Enterprise app is best suited for dieticians, nutritionist, health clinics, gyms and fitness clubs, wherein database management becomes an uphill task due to more and more people turning up every day. Now, create, store, organize and manage data points on your device for endless users, all within our app.

Data Driven Advice

Stay ahead of the curve by using real data points across 15 body composition metrics to base your advise on.

Automated Reports

Your client’s body compositions are auto-populated based on date of reading, allowing you to see/compare progress anytime.

Share Data

Allow your clients to have access to their data anytime, anywhere. Share progress with your clients on their every visit.

Never Lose Data

Since your data is always automatically backed up, you will always have your data and client list.

Track Client Records

Find any client’s record, anytime, by searching the database with just the clients email.

Save Time

Each body scan takes less than 10 seconds. In less than 10 seconds, have a complete digital report, as compared to conventional methods.

Rich API Integration

All the services can be used on the Actofit Dashboard or integrated with any existing CRM solution using our API documents.

Transparent Pricing

All of this at a price that doesn’t even pinch your pockets. Making the world a healthier place!

Devise A Quality Database

Compile end-user data of not just the weight, BMI and BMR, but also of other 13 important body composition metrics like bone mass, muscle mass, body fat percentage, physique rating etc. so that you can access the historic data, make comparisons, create trends and closely monitor their progress, enabling you to provide necessary feedback and recommendations, helping them to achieve their fitness goals!

Hassle Free Data Tracking

Actofit smartscale enterprise app is the digital solution to safeguard your valuable database since you are now free from the paperwork burden to create and access progress reports of your end-users.
The app enables you to download and share individual as well as group reports in CSV Excel format, making it convenient for prompt report generation.

Build Your Own Brand

White label the App as per your requirement by adding your credentials & logo so that you can increase your overall brand value. You can integrate this solution into your existing software ecosystem, while also customising the app as your need. 

Contact us for more information on this. 


  • Software solution. Annual Subscription.
  • Create and maintain databases on your device.
  • Supports large number of users.
  • User-friendly interface enabling swift data collection.
  • Import/Export individual an group reports in CSV format.
  • Integrate with existing softwares/CRM.
  • Provides members with a sense of competition
  • Pushes them to collectively meet their fitness goals.
  • Period: 1 Month, 6 Months, 12 Months, 36 Months.
  • Contact Actofit Customer Care number +91 85305 99500 for all your queries related to Actofit Products.

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