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Actofit Visual Workouts

The future of group workouts!

About Actofit Virtual Workout Trainer

The Actofit Workout Virtual Trainer is capable of acting on creating a interactive and fun workout for group or an individual. Which they can follow on the monitor in there gyms or fitness centers or for individual directly from the App. Videos are displayed on Big Screens so members don’t go wrong with their Workouts. Its easy to assign WOD’s based on Batch dates, or Batch styles, keeping in mind with the Batch or Batch member Goals. You can do between 6,8,12 stations at a time. Each station will have different exercise videos and playlist.


Just drag & drop the respective workout video in the Groupx workout station and hit the save button


Based on your members goals & target, classify them in specific batches. Assign the programs you’ve created for those specific batches & play them during the live class to unlock the magic


Once the magic begins GroupX perfectly divide the workout among the batch member so there is no waiting for gym equipment. On other hand the workout video is continuously playing in loop so batch member can watch the video and perform the workout which gives the trainer a chance to personally pay attendance to each batch member.

Innovative GroupX Solution

Trainers can interact with gym members during the session and see if they are doing the exercises correctly.

No waiting for gym equipment

As the workout is divided properly among the members so no more waiting for the equipment in the gym

GroupX With Upto 8 Mini Groups

The workout is properly divided among the batch members.

Customizable Workout Programs

The completely customizable station for personalized workouts onscreen.

Organised Preplanned Workouts

Virtual trainer allows group workouts in a more organized manner.

Videos For Every Excerise Station

With the visual playing on the screen its easy to watch and learn

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