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Wearable Gym Tech: Buzz or Boon?

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Do you know what exactly wearable gym tech is? How wearable gym technology helps you in your fitness game. Let’s check out the wearable gym technology attributes.

If you are an American woman on the lower side of your 50s, chances are you have not only heard of fitness wearable technology, but you’ve also used one already; at least, that’s what a report by Gallup says.

According to the report, 90% of Americans have used or are using some sort of wearable tech device. Reportedly, this is more popular amongst adults below 55, and in women as compared to men. While the Gallup report only covers the US, several other studies indicate that these stats are similarly replicated all over the world. Wearable technology has taken the world by storm: it is the new “in thing”, that cool piece of invention one must definitely buy.

But, what is this fitness wearable technology?

Simply put, fitness wearable or trackers are affordable and accessible ways to capture and store health data, on the go, in your sleep, in the middle of a meeting, or even when you’re munching through a basket of grease.

What began as relatively simple pedometers morphed into calorie counters went through an evolution to become heart rate monitors and now they’ve started counting reps and identifying the sport you’re playing. The way these are going, they’ll start driving cars before we know it. Just kidding that’s Elon Musk’s lookout. 

What makes a fitness tracker good?

We’d say all these basic features are a must:

Step Counter:

While older versions of trackers simply counted steps, these days most of them use accelerators and altimeters to calculate the distance travelled.

Heart Monitor:

Almost all fitness trackers have in-built high end sensors to monitor your heart rate.

Exercise Tracker:

A fitness tracker can keep an eye on how much exercise you’re doing all day and how many calories you’re burning while exercising.

Sleep Monitor:

This doesn’t only track how long you are sleeping. It goes a step way ahead to tell you how well you’re sleeping.

Goal Setting:

You have the freedom to set your own goals and targets. What a good fitness tracker does is motivate you and congratulate you when you reach those goals and more importantly when you don’t.


Almost all good fitness trackers can connect to a smartphone over the internet and store historical data for you to be able to monitor progress over a period of time.

However, these are the basic features that all fitness trackers have by now, and if they don’t they should. Wearable technology has come a long way since these specs were incorporated, and now the question has changed from What makes a fitness tracker good? to What the best fitness tracker should have?


The Actofit Impulse has all that the best should have.

We chanced upon this gold while skirting through tons of trending trackers and we don’t know why this isn’t a rage already.

Actofit Impulse takes a generation worth of a step ahead of its peers as it morphs a workout tracker and a fitness tracker into one stylish, uber cool band to flaunt on your wrist.

This is the best, because there’s no other fitness tracker that can count the number of reps in an exercise!

It also has the added benefit of Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity that enables users to connect to their smartphone offline without losing out on any data or storage option.

Impulse doesn’t simply track or analyze your sleep, it moves ahead to give you a jolt (not literally) when you’ve lazed around for too long. A sedentary alert is a blessing for the millennial crowd that is either submerged in a pile of files or slouching on the couch with Netflix.

So, a fitness wearable is not simply another piece of decorative technology anymore. Sure, you can flaunt that band on your hand but what that band will ultimately help you flaunt is a healthy, fit and happy you.

That sounds like more than a win to us! What say, get yourself an Impulse to feel the pulse?


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