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How to get rid of the Freshman 15?

How to get rid of the Freshman 15?

As a college student, gaining weight during freshman year is a common concern. 

The term "freshman 15" refers to the typical weight increase of 15 pounds during a student's first year of college. While weight increase may appear to be an unavoidable part of the college experience, there are methods to prevent and even reverse it. 

Today, we'll talk about how to avoid the freshman 15 while maintaining a healthy living during your college years.

What is Freshman 15?

Freshman 15 is a widely used term in America, referring to the additional weight students often gain during their freshman year. Even Though it might not be exactly 15 pounds, it is observed that students do put on some additional weight because of sudden lifestyle changes and stress. 

How to get rid of the Freshman 15? 

Here are a few ways to get rid of freshman 15:

● Make time for exercise.

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Making time for exercise is one of the most effective methods to avoid and overcome the freshman 15. Regular physical activity burns calories and has many other health advantages, such as reducing stress and improving your mood.

While finding time to exercise in a stressful college timetable can be difficult, there are numerous ways to integrate physical activity into your daily routine. Instead of catching the bus, consider walking around campus or bicycling to class from your student accommodation. Join a college sports club or exercise program, or go to the gym with a workout partner like your classmate or roommate.

By prioritizing exercise and incorporating it into your daily routine, you can help
avoid the freshman 15 and develop a healthy lifestyle that will benefit you for many years beyond college.

● Choose healthier food options.

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Making better choices about nutrition is essential for avoiding and overcoming the freshman 15. While avoiding the temptation of unhealthy meals on campus can be difficult, there are still ways to eat healthier.

One approach is to choose whole, nutrient-dense meals such as vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. These foods will keep you feeling full and fulfilled while providing your body with the nutrients required to remain healthy.

Avoid packaged meals and sugary beverages, which can contribute to weight increase and harm your health. Look for healthy choices like salads, grilled meat, and whole grains if you're consuming in a dining hall. And don't be afraid to ask for substitutions or modifications to make your meals healthier.

● Practice portion control

It's easy to overindulge and consume more than you need when you're eating in a dining hall or at a social gathering. You can still appreciate your favorite meals
without overeating by watching your portions. One method is to use a smaller plate, which tricks your brain into believing you're consuming more than you are.

Furthermore, attempt to consume carefully and savor each mouthful to feel fuller and more satisfied. It's also a good idea to listen to your body's hunger and satisfaction impulses and stop eating when you're satisfied rather than overloaded.

You can still appreciate the social aspects of college while maintaining your health and weight targets by practicing portion control.

● Get enough sleep
Sleep deprivation can disrupt metabolism, increase appetite, and contribute to poor eating habits. When you don't get enough sleep, you're more likely to desire sweet or fatty meals and have less stamina to exercise. On the other hand, getting enough sleep can help balance your hunger hormones and provide you with the energy you need to be engaged during the day.

Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night to ensure you get enough sleep. You can establish a regular sleep routine by going to bed and rising up at the same time every day. Please stay away from caffeine or liquor before the end of the day, and make your amber student housing bedroom sleep-friendly by keeping it cool, silent, and dark.


We hope this article helps you identify and understand how to get rid of Freshman 15. While it may require work and commitment, the advantages of a healthy lifestyle extend far beyond simply avoiding weight increases. So, don't let the "freshman 15"
derail your college experience; instead, prioritize your health and well-being and
cherish everything college has to offer.

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