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Actofit motion tracking technology

Actofit Wearables

A one stop wearable tech Company for fitness professionals & enthusiasts, creating a range of products around the science-backed fitness and sports analytics ecosystem using its patentable technologies and making them accessible to the everyday people.

Actofit CEO Pratik saraogi
Actofit COO Shailesh Jain
Software lead
Our Strengths
Actofit MAchine Learning Algorithms
Machine Learning Algorithms
A cross domain expert team from top universities including IITians, across mathematics, and Biomedical. Having spent 10K+ man hours on machine learning having analyzed more than 100 million data points on human motion analysis
Actofit Product design and Manufacturing
Product design & Manufacturing
Having personnel with Industrial design and production expertise across 3 manufacturing plants. In house team for handling every stage of mechanical, electronics and embedded design and development.
Actofit Apps/Webs

Dedicated team for handling every step of IOS, Android , Web applications, its embedded communications having combined experience of more than 20 years.
Actofit Operations/Marketing
Operations/ Marketing
Experts across different industries such as healthcare, logistics, Marketing having a successful experience with prior product launches, global distribution networks, e-commerce operations, etc.
We are always looking for people who want to change the way technology enriches peoples lives. If you want to be a part of the team bringing about a modern-day technological revolution drop us a mail along with your updated CV here.
Actofit Actotrack Motion Tracking Platform
ActoTrack Motion Tracking Platform
We have created an algorithmic platform which identifies each unique pattern created by different motions with the help of our patented technologies. This platform is able to detect, analyze and predict different activities across different fields like Sports, Fitness, Physiotherapy, Yoga etc.
Actofit Modular Deployment
Modular Deployment
Actofits revolutionary technology can be integrated across any hardware device, software application and any cloud service making it a one stop comprehensive solution for you.

Actofit User Experience research Study University of Washington
University of Washington

User Experience research study

Actofit Testing and Validation Against motion gold standards MGM centre for human movement science
MGM center for human movement science
Testing and validation against motion gold standards
Actofit Recovery Analysis and Trials using Actofit Platform Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences
Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences
Recovery Analysis & Trials using Actofits Platform
Our craziness has been recognized by many
Actofit CES 2017
"Actofit has built a wristwear with cutting edge motion intelligence"

Actofit engadget
"Only a few fitness trackers like Actofit fitness trackers can provide useful information"

Actofit Men'shealth
"Actofit have already intrigued lots of fitness geeks"

Actofit Yourstory
"Actofit is taking workouts to a different level"

Actofit Times Of India
"Putting India on the Wearable Tech Map"
Actofit Wearable.com
"Actofit is the latest gym tracker that isnt just another fitness tracker"
Actofit CNBC Young Turks
Leaving our Footprints
Actofit Wearable tech conference Hong Kong 2015
Displaying early prototypes at the Wearable Tech conference Hong Kong 2015
Actofit MensHealth Las Vegas 2015
Podcast with MensHealth, Collision Conference, Las Vegas 2015

Actofit CES Las Vegas 2017
Successful debut of the Actofit Fitness Tracker at CES, Las Vegas 2017

Actofit Sports Analytics Conference Mumbai 2017
Sports Analytics Conference, Mumbai, October 2017

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Calories burnt with Actofit

Number of sets with Actofit

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