Our Patent


The motion tracking patent introduces a state-of-the-art system revolutionizing human movement analysis. Using advanced sensors, it captures intricate motion data for a detailed understanding of diverse activities, particularly emphasizing exercise categorization. The dual-training method, incorporating real-time and master datasets, ensures a robust system capable of accurately categorizing various motion patterns. A key feature is the continuous refinement process, enhancing accuracy over time and setting a new standard in motion-driven technology. Real-time feedback engages users with labeled insights into exercises. Beyond exercise, its versatility extends to healthcare, gaming, and virtual reality, marking a significant advancement in precise motion tracking technology. In essence, this patent offers a concise, adaptable, and continuously improving solution for capturing and categorizing human movement across applications.


what we achieve

  • The system employs classifiers trained with real-time and master datasets to categorize exercise activities, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of diverse motion patterns.
  • The method dynamically captures raw motion data from users, spanning a range of activities, including both exercise and non-exercise routines.


Real-Time Adaptation

  • Implement a dynamic training approach with real-time user-specified motion patterns.
  • Ensure the classifier adapts to evolving user behaviors and new activities.



  • Precise identification of a wide range of user activities.
  • Adaptive learning ensures relevance to individual user behaviors.
  • Continuous improvement through iterative refinement.


Differentiating Factors

  • This technology stands out with real-time adaptive learning, comprehensive activity tracking, user feedback integration, and seamless wearable compatibility, ensuring versatile and precise health and fitness monitoring.

“ The motion tracking technology provides individuals with the convenience of practising physiotherapy, yoga, and strength training, enabling them to achieve their fitness goals with precision and convenience, all from the comfort of their own homes ”

- Pratik Saraogi (Co-Founder & CEO)