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The Actofit Smart Scale PRIME is a state-of-the-art smart scale that uses technology to help you improve your health and well-being. By tracking 15 essential body composition metrics, including body fat percentage, muscle mass, and bone density, the Actofit Smart Scale PRIME can help you gain a better understanding of your overall health and fitness, and set and achieve specific goals.

The Actofit Health app syncs seamlessly with the Actofit Smart Scale PRIME to provide you with detailed health reports and personalized coaching. These reports and recommendations are tailored to your individual needs and goals, making it easy to stay on track and make progress.


  • Tracks 15 essential body composition metrics
  • Accurate readings
  • Detailed health report in easy format


  • Dual-frequency BIA technology
  • Easy to use
  • Personalized Coaching through Actofit Health App

Start your journey to a healthier you today with Actofit Smart Scale Prime!

Product Specification:

Brand Name    Actofit
Product Name Smartscale Prime
Product Model WS1
MRP ₹9,999
Box Consist Smartscale, AAA Battery, User Manual
Package Dimension ‎‎30.99 x 30.99 x 2.49 cm; 2 Kilograms
Origin China
Imported By Oxstren Wearable Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Origin 108, 502,  Near Bhakti Bhavan, Chembur East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400071, India
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15 body composition data

Don't just track your weight, understand it with Smartscale Prime!

Super Accurate at Home Prices

4 super-sensitive Electrode Sensors integrated with advanced BIA (bioelectric impedance analysis) Technology ensures accuracy of your weight.

ITO Toughened Glass Top

4 Electrode Sensor

LED Display

Smartscale Prime

It’s Time you Smartscale Up your Fitness Journey

Measurement made easy for everyone.

Don't just track your weight, understand it.
An improved in-app experience that includes daily missions, in-depth biomarker analysis, and a health improvement guide
Data of body parameters can be given to your trainer or client in CSV and PDF formats. Using a WiFi printer, you can print the report immediately from the app.

⓵ Physical Health Analysis

Discover Comprehensive Health Insights with Actofit SmartScale:
Analysing Key Body Metrics for Personalized Health Assessment and Improvement Recommendations.

⓶ Wireless Data Sync

Effortless Data Transfer: With Bluetooth 4.0, every weigh-in instantly syncs to the Actofit Smart Scale App, providing you with rapid access to your measurements in just seconds.

⓷ Connect with other Fitness App

Seamless Integration: Link up with your preferred fitness apps and watch as the Actofit SmartScale app effortlessly consolidates all your health data in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Actofit Smartscale is different from other Weighing scales?

The Actofit Smart scale Prime features a durable, rechargeable battery that can be easily powered up using a USB Type C cable. You have the flexibility to charge it using various sources like a power bank, AC adapter, laptop, and more for added convenience.

How do I track my health and fitness goals with Actofit SmartScale?

Actofit Health: Your Ultimate Health and Fitness Companion!

Designed to track, monitor, and analyze 24 critical body parameters using cutting-edge Dual-Frequency BIA technology, Actofit Health takes your well-being to the next level.

With wireless Bluetooth syncing, your data seamlessly transfers to the app, where it transforms into insightful trend graphs, offering a long-term perspective on your progress and helping you determine if you're achieving your goals.

Access all your body parameter data through your Actofit account, allowing you to make detailed comparisons over days, weeks, and months, giving you real insights into your journey.

Our Smart Scale App also provides goal-setting options, reminding you of your weight objectives, whether it's losing or gaining. Align your efforts with Actofit Health and watch your progress soar

Is there a button to ON/OFF Actofit Smart Weighing Scale?

Experience the Ultimate Convenience with Actofit Smart Scale!

No buttons, no hassle. Our Smart Scale doesn't require an on/off switch. Simply step onto it, and it springs to life, providing you with instant data. When you step off, it gracefully powers down, conserving energy effortlessly.

Plus, our unique light sensor takes care of visibility. It automatically adjusts the display's brightness to ensure readability in any lighting condition. Your experience, made smarter!

How many people can use smart scale?

Actofit Health App: Your Personal Health Hub 📊

The Actofit Health App is your comprehensive health companion. Connect your CGM sensor, schedule urine tests, blood tests, and facial scans, all from one place. It's your individual health book, designed to keep you in control.

Actofit SmartScale Business App: Scale Up Your Business 📈

With the Actofit SmartScale Business App, you can effortlessly create up to 15 users at no cost. However, please note that once a user is created, it cannot be deleted. Streamline your business operations with ease!

What type of maintenance is necessary for SmartScale?

Low-Maintenance Excellence ✨

Maintaining your Actofit Smart Scale is a breeze. Simply use water to wipe the foot pads clean or opt for glass cleaner for that extra shine. Always apply these cleaning agents to a cloth first and then to the product. Avoid using soaps to ensure the longevity of your scale


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