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The Actofit Smart CGM is a revolutionary new device that provides real-time glucose monitoring (CGM) data to help you manage your diabetes or prediabetes. With the Actofit Smart CGM, you can track your blood glucose levels throughout the day and night, see how they are affected by food, exercise, and other factors, and make informed decisions about your health.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Actofit Smart CGM:

  • Real-time glucose monitoring: The Actofit Smart CGM provides real-time glucose monitoring data, so you can see how your blood glucose levels are changing moment to moment. This information can help you to identify and manage trends in your glucose levels, and to make informed decisions about your diet, exercise, and medication.
  • Convenient and easy to use: The Actofit Smart CGM is a small, wearable device that is easy to use. It is also water-resistant, so you can wear it in the shower or pool.
  • Accurate and reliable: The Actofit Smart CGM is an accurate and reliable device that has been clinically tested. It is also FDA-approved.

The Actofit Smart CGM is the perfect tool for people with diabetes or prediabetes who want to better manage their condition. With the Actofit Smart CGM, you can take control of your health and achieve your health goals.

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One-Time: 4 Week

Continuous Glucose visibility. Anytime, Anywhere

Everybody has health goals. Whether you’re tuning your diet, optimizing your exercise, or just trying to stay healthy, monitoring your blood glucose with Actofit can help you achieve your goals.

Focus on your personal nutrition to increase energy, reduce inflammation, promote recovery and sustain performance

Using science and personalisation, lose weight and keep it off for good. Be more mindful of your eating habits, and get the knowledge and support you need for sustaining change

Analyse how your nutrition and lifestyle is affecting your glucose. Be it obesity, pre-diabetes or diabetes ( type-2 ), use data driven insights to make long lasting behavioural improvements.

Never run out of energy or feel lethargic. Find the right nutrition to stay energised through out the day

Transform Your Diet and Habits in Just 3 Months

Discover your dietary preferences and nutritional needs. Make sustainable lifestyle changes and see positive behavioural changes in just 3 months.

Real-time monitoring

Measure the glucose impact of different foods on your health with the food score and get methods to optimize it

Track your Food

See what's missing in your nutrition with a detailed breakdown of your micronutrients and macronutrients.

Metabolic Nudges

Get personalised nudges and insights to improve your metabolic fitness

Performance Coaches

Get personalized food and exercise guidance for better metabolic fitness. Our coaches are NSCA-certified.

Understanding glucose responses is difficult Our app makes it easy.

The best way to get personalised glucose insights.

Dive deeper with coach support

Your coaches will work with you to find your ideal personalised diet, provide accountability, help you decode your data and help you understand your metabolic health data even better.

Track your lifestyle and uncover how it affects your metabolic health.

Get timely insights to help you make impactful behaviour changes.

Glucose Trend
Glucose Timeline
Food Zone Review
Daily Checklist
Food Analysis
Healthy Habits
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