Insightful App

Record and access your patient records through our intuitive mobile app, available on iOS and Android

Elevate Patient Care

Enhance patient care with various delivery options, utilizing advanced health devices for comprehensive and personalized wellness monitoring.

  • Expert coaches will provide personalized fitness guidance to help you optimize your well-being.

  • Engage in a comprehensive video trainer series for diverse and effective workout routines.

  • Providing expert medical advice and ensuring individualized attention for each patient's unique health needs.

Holistic Patient Wellbeing

Uncover dynamic insights with real-time data integration for comprehensive patient monitoring and proactive care.

  • Access Real-Time Insights into Your Patients' Sleep, Exercise, and Stress Levels.

  • Seamlessly Monitor Patients' CGM Graphs for In-Depth Health Understanding.

  • Proactive Care with Virtual CGM Predictions for Personalized Glucose Management.

Address Patient Preferences

Enrich the patient experience and captivate them with convenient features they anticipate, including measurement of over 150 body parameters with real-time health insights.

  • Individually customized diets for your unique health and fitness goals.

  • Effortless meal tracking for mindful nutrition on your health Journey.

  • Explore 100+ workouts for a dynamic exercise routine.


Personalized Branding

Ensure your brand identity shines with our white-label digital health.

Optimal Data Security

Rely on our dedicated digital health solution for the highest standards in safeguarding your valuable information.

Real-time Data Sync

Enable instant data synchronization for up-to-the-minute and accurate health insights.

Monitor Patient Engagement

Promote active participation with tailored diet plans and more through your engaging digital health platform.

Remote Monitoring Integration

Enables proactive care management for patients with chronic conditions or those requiring continuous monitoring.

Easy and User-Friendly

We believe in keeping things simple. Actofit is designed to make managing healthcare records easy, so you can spend more time caring for patients.

Your Branded Dashboard to Monitor Patient Engagement

We create a branded Dashboard for your! Our Virtual Practice services can be available to patients on your own dashboard

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