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The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Invent It!

Actofit is a technology Company creating a connected ecosystem of products in the space of health, fitness and sports, with differentiated, value adding, proprietary technologies, that integrate across at a consumer level, to optimize one's fitness journey, by bringing science-backed fitness tracking analytics ecosystem accessible to the everyday consumer.

  • You can't Improve what you can't Measure

    Measure workout stats including time under tension, active duration, rep time, RoM consistency and more, across historical charts to allow comparison and analysis on a single portal; to evaluate data to make informed decisions.

    Actofit Metrics
  • Exercise Logs, Analytics, Comparisons

    View a wealth of information together across each muscle group to analyse your performance, make changes to optimize training. Choose from a series of preset workouts or create custom programs.

    Actofit Web Dashboard
  • Innovation is Core to our Developments

    Actofits algorithmic platform allows each unique pattern created by different motions to be identified and analysed. Over time, the identification tunes to the specific form of an individual user and adapts to each user uniquely.

    Actofit Motion Recognition

Actofit RiseX SmartWatch

Revolutionary cellular smartwatches to be your new fitness coach! Rise smartwatches accurately calculates the total amount of calories burnt, monitors your heart rate and identifies your range of motion, using optimal method and gives customised guidance to direct you in your fitness journey.

Actofit Workout App

Magic of the Actofit gym workout tracking algorithms now available for your Android and Apple smart-watch. Using Actofits motion tracking platform, the exercise recognition and workout tracking algorithms are now compatible with over 30 smartwatches.

Actofit Workout Tracker App for exercise tracking

Actofit SmartScale

Step up your fitness quotient with the best body composition tracking Smart Scale. Tracking 14 different body composition parameters the Smart Scale gives you a holistic and accurate view of your health using the dual frequency BIA technology.

Actofit Smart Scale, Body composition Analyser

The Actofit Ecosystem- “The perfect concoction of futuristic hardware and neoteric software”

No more step counters or incomprehensive fitness solutions, Actofit brings you a world with a connected ecosystem of products across sports, heath and fitness, with innovative value adding proprietary technologies and state of the art hardware, to know everything about one's fitness journey, integrated at a consumer level, so that you be on top of your fitness game ALWAYS!

Actofit Fitness and workout tracker

Actofit Badminton Tracker

Actofit racquet sensor is a powerful wireless intelligent badminton tracker. A smart tracker to tracks every game, measures personalized information and coaches feedback tailored to one's playing style.

Actofit Badminton Tracker - best badminton tracking technology

Actofit Heart Rate Monitoring Chest Straps

Built for the high intensity athletes who want to map their workouts or cardio sessions to specific heart rate zones to achieve that optimum workout goal, the Actofit Chest Strap heart rate monitors, provide real time accurate heart rate, calories and heart rate zoning information.

best wearables for heart rate monitoring actofit

Group Training Engagement App

Group workouts made more fun and effective! Actofit group training module creates and compares individual logs of all the active group members for a collaborative approach to achieve the common fitness goal of every group

Group Training Engagement App for Heart Rate Monitoring

Actofit Wearables

Creating a connected ecosystem for Sports, Health and Fitness! 

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Power of Data Simplified

We empower individuals and trainers by providing an optimization tool to take their training and fitness to heights previously unimaginable. A stream of unending comprehensive science-data about the body,  can help you plan your transformation and smash the goals because your only limit is you.

advanced fitness tracking and statistics

Unmatched Metrics

Metrics such as form consistency, time under tension, tempo, velocity of every rep of each exercise performed is tracked and available to the user to measure and analyze their progress over a period of time. This allows for informed data driven decisions.

Actofit Progress Map

Modular Deployment

Actofits revolutionary technology can be integrated across hardware devices, software applications and any cloud service making it a one stop comprehensive solution. The Actofit Workout App integrates with the Rise Smartwatch as well as third party hardwares such as Apple Watches, and connects holistically over a Web Dashboard Nucleus which serves as the fitness journey overview and as a database of all Actofit products including the Smartscale and heart rate monitors.

Actofit Platform Modular deployment

What do the experts have to say about Actofit?

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Actofit is the next generation wearable. It’ll allow the everyday athlete or the one in pursuit of a future career to take that information, apply it to their training and enhance their abilities like never before.

Actofit is a wearable tech unlike any other in the market. It’ll allow us to see what our client or athlete is doing in the clinic, in the athletic training room, or on their own. It’ll allow the therapists or clinicians to modify treatment plans using real numbers.