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Change the way you Measure your Fitness

Actofit is a technology Company creating a connected ecosystem of products in the space of health, fitness and sports, with differentiated, value adding, proprietary technologies, that integrate across at a consumer level, to optimize one’s fitness journey, by bringing science-backed fitness tracking analytics ecosystem accessible to the everyday consumer.

actofit Ecosystem

Actofit SmartScale

Step up your fitness quotient with the best body composition tracking Smart Scale. Tracking 15 different body composition parameters the Smart Scale gives you a holistic and accurate view of your health using the dual frequency BIA technology.

actofit smartscale
actofit impulse workout tracker

Actofit Impulse Workouts Tracker

Enjoy the Actofit Impulse to take your workouts to new heights. A tracker that helps guide you through your workout, and measures essentials to help one improve. Still does everything you’d expect of a normal fitness tracker.

The Actofit Ecosystem- “The perfect concoction of futuristic hardware and neoteric software”

No more step counters or incomprehensive fitness solutions, Actofit brings you a world with a connected ecosystem of products across sports, heath and fitness, with innovative value adding proprietary technologies and state of the art hardware, to know everything about one’s fitness journey, integrated at a consumer level, so that you be on top of your fitness game ALWAYS!

actofit work out and fitness tracker
heart rate monitoring chest strap

Heart Rate Monitoring Chest Straps

Built for the high intensity athletes who want to map their workouts or cardio sessions to specific heart rate zones to achieve that optimum workout goal, the Actofit Chest Strap heart rate monitors, provide real time accurate heart rate, calories and heart rate zoning information.

Actofit Badminton Tracker

Our racquet sensor is a powerful wireless intelligent badminton tracker. A smart tracker to tracks every game, measures personalized information and coaches feedback tailored to one’s playing style.

Actofit badminton tracker
Actofit fitness app

Actofit Health & Workouts App

Magic of the Actofit gym workout tracking algorithms available for your Android and Apple smart-watch. Actofit Fitness App connects to your Apple Watch, Android Watch, Actofit band or watch, Actofit Smartscale or an Actofit Heart Rate Monitor. Use Actofit’s health, fitness or sports app services over the consolidated platform now.

Advanced Wearables Platform

Actofits advanced hardware platform algorithmic platform allows computation of advanced metrics previously unknown to enable data-driven solutions

  • 3D motion tracking
  • Workout Form Analytics
  • Physiological parameter mapping
  • body composition bio impedance

Automated Fitness Platform

All captured workout, health & fitness data is seamlessly synced on all digital layers with minimal human intervention, allowing data at your fingertips that you didn’t before.

  • Auto-synchronization at all stages
  • Minimal manual intervention
  • Progress & Comparison Charts
  • Training data granular logs breakdown for analytics

Fitness Services Portal

With a wealth of information together across each vertical, analyse your performance yourself, or allow trainers to optimize your training.

  • Pre-set Guided Workouts
  • Recommendation Engines
  • AI-driven chatbots
  • Heart Rate Based Engagement
  • Leaderboards
  • Coach/Trainer Portals
Software Solutions to help Clubs grow!
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