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Measure Progress

Your Actofit journey adapts as you progress

See real‑time, personalized metrics onscreen

Body Composition

Boost your energy levels by setting goals, monitoring weight and body composition, Wellness Score. Explore your progress over time.

Glucose Insight

What gets measured gets managed. Track your Glucose to keep yourself accountable, set experiment and achieve your goals.

AI Food Scan

Identify food fast, get instant nutrition details, and let it auto-log in your calorie tracker. Precision nutrition made easy! with Actofit FoodSnap AI.

Coach Support

Connect with our team of specialists for strategies that guarantee success beyond just numbers on the scale!

Vital Form

AI Assistance for your Exercise!

Advanced camera-based AI for expert guidance to improve your workout.


Track exercises precisely, rep counting, detailed analytics, real-time form detection, accurate posture analysis, and live fitness monitoring.

  • AI-driven analysis enhances body posture, optimizing alignment for improved health and well-being.

  • Explore 100+ workouts like yoga, HIIT, crossfit, strength training, and diverse fitness options for your wellness journey.

  • Camera-based analysis delivers in-depth progress reports for a comprehensive understanding of your journey.
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Your Diet

Personalized Meal Plans and Actionable Tips

Eat Smart, Not Less, Our approach emphasizes whole-food nutrition


Customized meal plans and actionable health tips, designed to enhance your well-being through personalized nutrition guidance.

  • Personalized tips for real health, achieving balanced wellness. Get effective results for your best self.

  • Optimize well-being with our precision-crafted diets tailored to your unique health metrics.

  • Tailored food options, from vegetarian to gluten-free, catering to your preferences.
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Actofit Health App

Make the most of your health data

We've got lots of other cool features, but we can't spill all the beans here because of website scroll limits. So go ahead, take a peek, and discover the rest on your own! Enjoy the adventure!

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