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Abnormalities Detection


Patient Visit

Unlocking opportunities, Health Kiosk Use case

A Comprehensive Exploration of Health Kiosk Use Cases Across Industries

Insurance Companies

Assess risks, promote wellness, streamline processes, enhance customer experience, and analyze health data.


Elevating Employee Wellness with Convenient Access, Personalized Programs, and Data-Driven Insights for Enhanced Productivity and Organizational Performance.

Fitness & Lifestyle Clubs

Health kiosks in Fitness Clubs provide quick health assessments, nutrition guidance, and fitness tracking for members, enhancing their experience and supporting club management.

Government / NGO's

Health kiosks in Government and NGO settings provide basic health screenings and facilitate access to healthcare services, improving public health outcomes.

Actofit Health Kiosk Features

Effortless Health Monitoring! Your Personalized Health Kiosk Experience

Actofit Health kiosk is an aggregation of CE/FDA/medical-grade devices combined with HIPAA-compliant backend software, which solves the problem of basic health awareness checkup in rural/urban areas.

60+ parameters Instant health report

Instant ECG reporting

QR Based Health Card

Instant Health Reports on whatsapp, SMS & email along with printout

Advance Analytics dashboard for Impact Analysis

Maintain Patient Medical Record with Complete date security

Video call between doctor and patients with instant prescription

AI powered personalized Indian meal plan


Compelling Reasons to Select Our Product !

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✔ Portable and Compact
✔ Digital Health Record
✔ Impact Analysis

✔ Works Without Internet and Electricity
✔ Instant Health Report
✔ Easy to Use



⓵ General Body Checkup

▪ Body Temperature
▪ Height
▪ NI BP (Blood Pressure)
▪ Subcutaneous Fat
▪ Visceral Fat
▪ Body Water
▪ Health Score

▪ Skeletal Muscle
▪ Muscle Mass
▪ Fat Free Weight
▪ Vision Test
▪ Pulse Oximeter
▪ Weight
▪ Sp02 (Blood Oxygen Saturation)

▪ BMI(Body Mass Index)
▪ Body Fat
▪ Physique
▪ Protein
▪ Metabolic Age

⓶ Urine Checkup

▪ Urobilinogen
▪ Glucose
▪ Bilirubin
▪ Ketones
▪ Specific gravity
▪ Blood pH
▪ Protein
▪ Nitrite
▪ Leukocytes
▪ Microalbumin

⓷ Infectious Disease

▪ Covid Antigen & Antibody
▪ Malaria
▪ Dengue
▪ Typhoid
▪ Chikungunya
▪ Hepatitis B
▪ Hepatitis C
▪ Blood Grouping

⓸ Cardiac Checkup

▪ 12 Lead ECG
▪ Blood Pressure
▪ Lipid Profile (HDL,LDL,Triglyceride,Total Cholesterol, TC/HDL ratio)

⓹ Reproductive & Child Health

▪ Pregnancy
▪ HIV I&lI

⓺ Diabetes

▪ Random Blood
▪ SugarHbA1c

⓻ Anemia

▪ Hemoglobin

Instant ECG Reporting

Actofit InstaECG is a cloud-connected device that makes the interpretation and analysis of an ECG report quick and easy. With the InstaECG, patients can receive the Cardiologist Certified ECG reports within 10 minutes.

How it Works

Patient walks in and the ECG is taken
ECG is automatically sent to doctor for diagnose
Certified ECG report available on mobile app, SMS & email with in 10mins

AI -Powered personalized Indian Meal Plan

Customized diet plan crafted to your unique health needs and preferences, offering practical, personalized nutrition strategies for enhanced wellness and a healthier lifestyle.