Actofit Health app Let You Easily Track your Calories

The quickest method for keeping track of your food intake, water intake, and macronutrients.

Stay On Track

Recording your calories as you eat allows you to get a better sense of how many calories you're consuming. It also raises your knowledge of food values and nutrient levels, allowing you to make healthier meal choices.

Simple & User Friendly

Calorie Tracker provides a quick and clutter free way to record your calories consumed.

Macro Tracking

Actofit's Calorie tracker allows you to track and specify daily goals for macro nutrient like carbs, fat, proteins and fiber!

Visualize Progress

Visualize your daily progress with the interactive calorie particles. Additionally see weekly, monthly, and yearly progress charts that give a fantastic overview of your history.

Find your Diet

Select a diet that fits your lifestyle in KYC: Calorie Counting, Low-Carb, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian and more.

Set Your Targets

Choose your desired weekly weight loss rate, target date, and source of calories like fat, carbs, and proteins.

Log Your Meals & Exercise

Use the App to track your food, physical activities, and nutrients. Use the scanner. Log ahead of time for better planning and scheduling.

Reach Your Goals

Monitor your daily progress, check your weight loss forecast, and receive ongoing advice and feedback. Learn more about nutrients in your diet and make better choices.