Portable and Compact

Actofit Health Kiosk requires minimal set up space and hence is the perfect
aid to NGO's, Government and Insurance Companies to carry out door-to-door as wel as remote area check-ups and health camps.

Works Without Internet and Electricity

With 3-4 days of battery life and offline data backup facility, Actofit aids healthcare workers to conduct check-ups ni remote areas that have limited or no availability of internet and electricity.

Instant Health Report

With advanced integrated point of care devices, Actofit helps generate instant health report of over 50 parameters. This reduces turn around time, increases affordability of tests and minimises error in report generation.

Digital Health Record

Digital storage of health records helps NGOs, Government healthcare workers, Corporate organisations and Insturance companies replace the traditional pen-paper method, reduces human error, optimises man power and provides instant access to data.

Easy to Use

Minimal training and local language support makes Actofit health kiosk easily operable by even unskilled personnel.

Impact Analysis

With it's data analytics platform, Actofit is ideal for CSR, NGOs and Governments to provide Impact Analysis report for healthcare delivery
implementation which helps them to optimize their operations on ground level.