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Actofit Heart Rate Monitoring Chest Strap provides real – time heart rate, heart rate zones, and calories burnt in any workout activity. Track your progress and witness better results, using the stylish chest-strap.

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Get your order in 4-5 days 

1 year warranty


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21 reviews for Chest Strap

  1. Vandita Patel

    Graphical represantation is an immense help.

  2. Rajesh Vardhan

    Very comfortable but suggest hand washing the strap rather putting it in the washing machine.

  3. Nisha H.

    Love the HR Zone analysis.

  4. Manisha Wadhwani

    Easy working out with.

  5. Ronnie Kapoor

    This monitor has never slipped during my routines, no matter how intense.

  6. Kazma K.

    Works great. Battery back up impressive.

  7. Neela Khaitan

    I considered several options before purchasing this heart monitor and decided on this because I figured a heartrate monitor over my heart should give more accurate information than a gadget on my wrist.

  8. Mansi Mishra

    Comfy wear.

  9. Poorna Suri

    Apps improved 10x after the update.

  10. U. Verma

    Works like a dream.

  11. Siddhart J.

    Has improved my workouts exponentially.

  12. Mahima Arora

    Takes care of workout intensity.

  13. Param R. Roy

    Will 100% recommend this to the family.

  14. Kyler McCartney

    By the time I hit the end of the workout, I don’t even notice I’m wearing it.

  15. Melissa Rose

    It stays in place all through the workout.

  16. D. Biswas

    Comfortable and simple to handle.

  17. Naveen L.

    Super easy to work with.

  18. Kevin LaBrant

    This is an impressive HR monitor. Go for it.

  19. Kanan Khanna

    Connectivity is simple and strong.

  20. J. Johns

    Always recommend my members to use this.

  21. Ayantika Bisht


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Actofit Heart Rate Monitoring Chest Strap Onboarding

Actofit Heart Rate Monitoring Chest Strap is capable of providing
real–time heart rate, heart rate zoning, calorie burns data in any workout activity.

Track your progress during sessions and reward yourself with better results, by staying in the right heart rate zone at all points.

Enhanced Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 & ANT+

The heart-rate detector comes with a dual connection option with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity, supporting your iOS, Android and ANT+ equipment; and is compatible with the Actofit App and other third party applications.

Compatible With The Most Popular Apps



A comfort wear with water
resistance so that no sweat or
splash can deprive you from your

A comfort wear with water resistance so that no sweat or splash can deprive you from your goal.


  • Install Actofit Chest Strap App on your smartphone
  • Check the back of the transmitter for left and right electrodes to position the electrodes respective side of your chest.
  • Tie the strap around your chest, just below the chest muscles and buckle up the strap. You can also adjust the strap according to your fitting.
  • On contact with your skin, your chest strap will automatically sync with your smartphone to start tracking your activity.
    It is advisable to detach the transmitter from the strap to dry it off after your session
  • The Actofit Heart Rate Monitoring Chest Strap is the ideal workout partner, calorie counter, identifies heart rate and maintains session logs so you can optimize your fitness routine.
  • The chest-straps are powered with long lasting battery, and a one-year warranty for prolonged use!