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Duration: 1 Month
Actofit Smart Transform Plan is a comprehensive weight loss and posture correction program that can help you lose weight, improve your posture, and transform your body.
  1. Personalized diet plan: A diet plan that is tailored to your individual needs and goals.
  2. Customized Fitness Plan: A Personalized AI workout plans that is designed to help you reach your fitness goals.
  3. AI-based posture correction workouts: workouts that are designed to improve your posture and reduce pain.
  4. Vital Scan: Monitor your vital signs, including blood pressure (BP), blood oxygen saturation (SPO2), heart rate (HR), respiratory rate (RR), and heart rate variability (HRV). This feature allows you to track your health metrics and detect any irregularities that may require attention.
  5. Calorie tracker: A device that helps you track your calorie intake and expenditure.
  6. Unlimited Chat with INU: Benefit from limitless access to INU's expertise and personalized nutrition recommendations, providing you with the support you need to make informed dietary choices and lead a healthier lifestyle.
  7. Daily & Weekly Insights: Receive tailored insights from the Actofit Health App on a daily or weekly basis, providing you with valuable feedback and guidance to optimize your fitness routine.
Don't wait any longer, start your transformation with Actofit Smart Transform Plan today!

    1. Real-Time Glucose Insights: Monitor your glucose levels in real-time through our CGM device, with 10 insightful metrics to help you respond promptly to changes.

    2. Blood Glucose Curve Tracking: Track and understand your glucose levels over time using our glucometer, enabling a comprehensive view of your blood glucose curves.

    3. Expert Senior Coaches: Benefit from personalized support and guidance from two specialized Senior Coaches who will optimize your glucose levels and provide expert advice.

    4. Doctor Support: Have peace of mind with on-call access to doctors who can provide expert advice and support whenever you need it.

    5. AI Metabolic Insights: Leverage advanced AI technology for in-depth analysis of your data, receiving valuable insights into your metabolic health and optimizing glucose management.

    6. Hyper-Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Plans: Receive tailored nutrition and fitness plans designed specifically for you, ensuring a holistic approach to managing diabetes.

    7. Food Tracker with Glycemic Food Suggestions: Stay on track with our intuitive food tracker, which includes suggestions for glycemic foods to help you make informed dietary choices.

    8. Unlimited Consultation Calls and Live Chat Support: Stay connected with our team of experts through unlimited consultation calls and live chat support, receiving ongoing guidance and assistance.

    9. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: Assess your overall metabolic health with a comprehensive metabolic panel, providing valuable information for personalized recommendations.

    10. Vital Scans for Wellness Vitals: Perform daily Vital Scans to track essential wellness vitals, monitoring your progress and making informed adjustments to your health routine.

    11. Menstrual Cycle Tracking: Easily track and monitor your menstrual cycle, including period days, ovulation, and fertile windows, gaining valuable insights into your reproductive health.

    12. Symptom Tracking: Log and track various symptoms like mood changes, cravings, and energy levels to identify patterns and better understand your body.

    13. Ovulation Calendar: Stay informed about your ovulation dates and fertile days, empowering you to effectively plan or prevent pregnancy.

    14. Health Insights: Receive personalized health insights based on your tracked data, providing valuable information about your menstrual health, hormonal changes, and overall well-being.

    15. Birth Control Reminders: Set reminders for birth control methods, ensuring you stay on track with your chosen contraception method.

    16. Pregnancy Planning: Get support in your journey towards conception with features like fertility window predictions and ovulation tracking.

    17. Health Articles and Tips: Access educational articles, tips, and expert advice on menstrual health, fertility, contraception, and overall well-being.

    18. Community Support: Connect with a supportive community of women, sharing experiences and finding encouragement in a safe and inclusive environment.

    20. Period and Health Analysis: View detailed charts for period and health analysis, allowing you to monitor trends, identify irregularities, and gain deeper insights into your reproductive health.

    30. Reminders and Notifications: Receive personalized reminders and notifications for upcoming periods, ovulation, and other important health events.

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    Dr Vinu .
    Smart plan means a photo?

    I told through the email that I have got only a photo saying smart plan?? Is there anything else to it

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    Sustained Weight Loss


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    *Based on 90-day program outcome of clients

    Program Benefits

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    Everything you need for better health

    Personalized Diet Plan

    Personalized Workout Plan

    Easy Calorie Tracking in the Health App

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    Vital Scan for comprehensive Wellness Vitals

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    AI Posture Correction for Workouts

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